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Look at me, I'm posting!!



I finally made my first posts today. Not bad, I only joined in October. I guess my daughter, Alixandrea, gave me the urge to start. Speaking of Alixandrea, she is an amazing person. She has touched my heart in ways nobody else has. She is a true optimist, who really and truly see's the silver lining on every cloud. The last months have been extremely difficult. First Vinny with the stroke, and then 7 weeks later loosing her Grandfather.She kept her grades up and even joined the swim team. She is a wonderful daughter and a beautiful person, wise beond her 14 years. Hey Lexi, see, I did it!!! Ain't ya proud!!?? lol_2.gif


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Hi Patti,


I'm so glad you finally came out of the lurkers' circle to join us. Your posts are as honest and compassiate as your daughters and we are lucky to add your voices to this website.



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hey patti!!!!


so glad you are a "blogger" now!!!! you will really enjoy getting your feelings out in this format. it has helped me a LOT and has been very therapeutic.


kim pash.gif

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