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Will I be warm enough???That is the question?



The weather outside is frightful.Atlanta Georgia had flurries Sunday. My husband who is from California asked me what he was seeing what do they call it and why. I being from Cleveland Ohio said when the snow comes down light and fluffy that is called flurries. When you can't see in front of you it's called blizzard condition.


Today we have gusting winds 9 degrees outside at 12pm. Other wise it's 23 fringed degrees. I don't own a winter coat to keep me warm in this. I'm going out for lunch and going to put my crotchet hat and scarf, 3 layers of sweat shirts, sweat pants, 2 pairs of socks, and going to wear my leather gardening gloves. What do you think, will I be warm enough?


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I can't believe that Atlanta has flurries??? Amazing. But, yes, it sounds like you should be warm enough. You will look like a marshmallow with all of the layers...but that is winter dressing for us.

I did that to William the other night. Sweatshirt, vest, coat, muffler. hat, He was bundled.

Winter is not fun....


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Jeannie, about 15 years ago I flew to Florida to help my Mom and and my Aunt shop for wedding attire. My sister was getting married and My Aunt Bernie's son was getting married. It was March. When I left Connecticut it was 60 degrees, when I flew into Daytona it was 39 degrees. Coldest winter in Florida up to that date. I was looking at the extent of this recent cold front and the jet stream and remembered that time as this current system is really harsher than that time. We are prepared up here for drastic weather changes. Layers do the trick. But a bet a part of that Midwestern core was singing in the snow! Debbie

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