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T'is the season



Carl and I went out to lunch the other day, Chinese buffet. Carl likes this place cuz he can fill up at lunch. We had a very enjoyable lunch, getting Carl to have a conversation.

He brought up asking the MD doctor he wants to go back to speech therapy. His deficit from his stroke is Aphasia. Aphasia is just not speech but also reasoning, answering question like yes for no. I try making it a joke to lower his frustration for the mix up answers. He wants to speak words not practicing the alphabet. So until we go to therapy I am going to be writing words that he has trouble speaking. Some- soup, learn.


Miracles do happen you just have to believe. Well, it appeared right in front of us. Their laying on the floor a $50 bill. No one walking past us or sitting near us. Carl looked at the floor, then I looked at floor, then we looked at each other and the Lord said "Pick it up, Now". in a soft low voice. I believe when you can be think in the right mind and shutting out the ego clatter miracles can occur. :Clap-Hands: I was blessed.

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Santa was good to both of you, hot-dog, now you got a dinner coming on the house!


It pays to get out once in a while! :happydance:

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