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Larry's first workout back at the Y



I was proud of Larry's effort with the trainer today. He worked on 9 different machines today! The weather was lousy. It was only in the single digits and icy patches but we made it. Today several of his friends he had worked out with came over and talked to him. I don't think a couple of them recognized him at first with his weight loss. He was yelling "Candy, Candy" to one lady and she and her husband came over finally. One of his workout buddies gave him a little coaching lecture saying he had a heart attack in 2001 and some other health problems. He said to keep on working, and even though you may not get back to where you were, this will be the "new normal" as it was for him too. All in all a good day but Larry was soooo exhausted afterward.



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Julie, it is a start. Ray has kept off anti-depressants because I have him out as much as I can, among strangers and people he knows, in groups, in couples whichever way people will talk to him and accept him. I was talking to a woman I know today and thanked her for never passing Ray by, wherever she is when she sees him she always stops and says "hello".


Part of being "normal" is being "social" so take every opportunity you can to renew friendships and get him and yourself out there.



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9 machines!! I am impressed. I don't know how Larry made it home.

I need to get William onto some machines. I am thinking of the recumbant bike...I want to start at 10 minutes and work up. But, I have to see about that.

Sue is right. Socializing is the best therapy. Some people are funny about that...they don't come over and talk. But, some people are so nice.. William loves the socializing. I will take him to the luncheon (christmas) at the YMCA today. He doesn't want to participate in the white elephant exchange. He says that it is too confusing. I told him that lunch and then we come home.

I told him that we had to do the pool early. So off to the pool at 5AM this morning. William stayed in for 45 minutes. He is napping right now. This way he will be rested for the luncheon.


Keep up the good work.

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amazing, I feel getting out & about builds the self-confidence we lost after our stroke. I feel it becomes easy to accept newnormal when you are out and about, you realize you are still living life just little differently.



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Julie: I am really impressed and Congratulations to Larry. I think you found the exact right venue for him-trainer who knows what he is doing and the social outlet that Larry had for a long time and still exists. He connects on the basis that he and his workout buddies were all there for the same reason and good for his heart attack friend. Larry now knows that it isn't just for the healthy and buff. You now need to work some free time for yourself; massage, sauna, pool. Your health is just as important and you are already there! Use it. I love my swims with Bruce especially now that he does not require the constant one on one in case he flips over. I can do my laps and not worry. In all fairness, we usually swim with others who have been with us for months and if I am lapping, they are usually keeping an eye on Bruce for me-lol. A wonderful Christmas gift! Debbie

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