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Larry and I enjoyed our first post stroke party



We were picked up and brought home by our host due to a bad weather forecast. Luckily, we arrived and were back home before the snow came. Larry's co-workers were all happy to see him. A few of the guests were not there due to being scared off by the weather and distance to travel. We stayed for a couple of hours. When Larry started yawning, I said it was past Larry's bedtime. Everyone understood and a couple of his friends even tried zipping up his coat for him. It was funny as they couldn't even get it zipped. Yesterday I had Larry help with the Christmas cards. He stamped, put return address labels on and signed all of the cards. Now all we have to do is get a new printer set up so we can print the labels and Christmas letter. I hope to get the printer tomorrow and hope I can get the thing set up and just maybe Larry will be able to help.


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glad you both had great time at the party. after 6 years of my post stroke journey I realized there is stil life after stroke, just little different on how I accomplish my daily wants & needs.



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I was thinking about both of you all day today. Thank you for blogging. I am so glad you had a good time. That first time out is stressful, but now you know what has to be done and it will make all the next times so much easier. Bruce's friends often have trouble as well zipping up his sweatshirt. Usually it take someone who has raised children-lol. Like trying to tie a tie on someone else. I am glad for you that you and Larry are both contributing to the holiday doings. Not only is it good OT, but it is the start of new traditions. Happy Holidays!

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