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Getting ready for the holidays



We got our first post stroke party invitation. Larry's former co-worker invited us to his home this coming Saturday. Larry wants to go as a lot of his former co-workers and retiree friends will be there. I'm happy he wants to go even if it is for a short while. I also asked him to start writing a note to put in a few of our Christmas cards as a lot of people don't even know about Larry's stroke. This season is a whole new experience for us.


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Julie it is nice that you have an invitation. It will do Larry so much good to see his former co-workers. This holiday season will be a new experience but it can be just as enjoyable as it was before. Just take it easy and think of resting (for both of you) between events. Have a great holiday.



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Yes, pace yourself, take on only those things that are important to you and don't have any expectations of what will happen just go with the flow.


Last year Ray wasn't well and we didn't accept many invit ations, this year we are both well and accepted a few more and so far we are doing fine.


Notes in with the Christmas cards are a good idea. I do one every year because my Mum aged 92 is frail but still alive and people need to know that.



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hi Julie:


I missed welcoming you to my wonderful world of blogging, I find them very therupetic. The more you share your joys and trials better you will feel. I am glad you have invitation to party, do go and enjoy without any expectation. Post stroke life is still good just litle different on how you enjoy and achieve things



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oh julia i am so happy to hear that larry is doing so well and that both you and larry , and that larry got an invitation to his work party it shows me how well he was like and respected as a worker and i hope that you and larry will have the best time at your christmas party and during christmas on the joyous holiday thank you for giving me a lovely blog on the wonderful time you will have larry must be thrilled with the idea of attending the party, and getting busy to bring more cheer during christmas all the best to you julie and a very merry christmas to you and to larry

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Julie: that must have made Larry's day. I am so happy for him. Go, put on your prettiest and enjoy. He needs the interaction with his co-workers. And yes, he will be disappointed that he got tired, couldn't drink, didn't see everyone, etc. But these are reactions everyone has. Note the high points so you can refresh his memory later and once the first one is under your belts with positive results, many more to come. Have a blast=Debbie

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