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Christmas Season



The Christams season is here and I am so blessed that Dave is a survivor and with me.


Dave wanted to go to the store a couple days ago to shop, which is a big deal for him, since he doesn't go to the stores anymore. We planned it out and off we went. Got him situated in his wheel chair in the store, flipped his feet rests up so he could motate under his own steam, I stopped to look at something for a minute looked up and he was gone!!! How do you lose a 200 lb man in a wheelchair?? :dribble: I found him only 5 minutes later in the shoe section, had a good laugh, but, he told his mom latter that I had dumped him, she knew he was only teasing.


Like I had said, I am blessed that Dave is a survivor, about 3 weeks ago he had another ministroke, he is recovered for the most part from, but there are more memory deficits, some bathroom issues, walking takes more out of him now as well, he is not healthy enough for PT, has never been cleared and won't be cleared for pt from his open heart surgery 3 years ago today. We do what we can at home with that, I get him to walk short short distances in the house and to use the stairs to maybe build up his stamina, well at least to not lose what he has, right!!


There is yet another new normal we are adjusting to, it takes some doing but if you are willing it makes the going better. Yup still days that I am frustrated and overwhelmed, but then I go and get a cup of hot chocolate, close my eyes and sip, take a deep breath of all that wonderful yummy flavour and smile. So the waist and butt don't appreciate it, but oh well... lol.


Merry Christams everyone and Happy Holidays,


Hugs your loved ones tightly for a minute close your eyes and remember how blessed we are.


Hugs Anne


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Yes, Ann. thank you for reminding us. We are blessed by our survivors.

William wants to go the jewelry store to buy me a gift. I told him that jewelry is not something that I want. I an not a jewelry person.

I told him that we will go out to show and movies for our Christmas gift. Yes, I told him that we will buy a bed for our Christmas present.



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I'm happy for you too, and happy holidays, greetings, Merry Christmas and my best to Dave. Hopefully no more set backs crop up.


Yes Ma'am, I'm truly glad we all are survivors, there is nothing like family being together for Christmas!You like me are very, very appreciative for what we got left after so much we've been through these past years!


I told my care giver wife, "Baby girl, when it's my time to meet my maker, keep me here at home when they tell you it's nothing more that can be done."


I want to live out my marriage vows, "Until death do us part!" It will always be bumps in the road but by and large we figure out what should be done next. Have a good one Anne, I got one good arm but hugs back at you!

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Amie: you are a true inspiration. We caregivers do what is best for our survivor and good for you for taking Dave shopping. Bruce loves to get out and about and yes, it takes lots of planning, but so worth it. Bruce has a 20-something caregiver who just loves to shop, library, swim so I know on her days he will have a good nap after they get home from what he calls their jaunt. If I "lose" Bruce I know he is in the book or magazine section or checking out the candy. Good for Dave to continue working and exercising within his limits! Have a wonderful holiday season, Debbie

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