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A new normal?



Good Morning, beautiful pink and purple sunrise, before the rain starts :)


Since Dave has been home from the hospital, 2 weeks now, it seems like we have a new normal, and not really for the best.


His visiting nurse has signed off on him, after his check up x-ray which showed him pneumia has gone.. YIPPEE, so is such a blessing and good news.


I know that Dave has been through ALOT with the TIA and pneumia, but, I thought things would be back to normal by now.. silly me. He goes to bed at 6ish pm and I have to get him up at 9am the next morning, that is 15 hours sleep, he stays up for maybe an hour and goes back to bed till I get him up at noon for lunch and pain meds, up for another hour and back to bed till I get up up for dinner and meds, at least then he stay up till 6pm ... I know he is healing... but, he is sleep more now then EVER before. I have a baby monitor that I carry around the house with me so I can hear him. I can't vaccum or anything cause it wakes him up and he is grumpy.. lol. I don't feel like I can go outside (monitor doesn't reach out there) he is sooo tippy with his walking, falls are a real reality. He is confused and repetitive with his questions and statements. He was not like this at all last week, he was up moving and communicating like before his latest hospital stay. I don't know why he has declined in the last week, there have been no more falls or medical incidents since being home. I have talked to his nurse and related all this, she stated it might take him a bit longer to get stronger and heal. I understand this, but, something is not right. His confusion is HORRIBLE, it's not what he does, it is what he says and he walks like an old man that has had too much to drink. My heart breaks for him, and for me... it feels like all I can do is sit and wait (and do laundry, lol)for him to wake and see what he needs. He has lost about another 10 lbs since being home from the hospital, plus the 10 lbs that he lost while in the hospital. Total of 20 lbs in 3weeks... that also has me concerned. He doesn't eat as much as before, but I see what he eats at meal times and snacks, and with him not expending any energy, since all he does is sleep it doesn't make any sense to me.


He does have a dr's appt, but, not till first week of July... if things progress like this, it will have to be moved up.


Right now I feel like a babysitter... and I hate feeling that way, it is NOT his fault he is sick, damn damn illness, no one asked for it!!! I am usually very upbeat and positive, but, it is almost to much... I need the DAve of last week back please. I don't like the new normal of this week.... I feel useless and impatient and my butt feels like it is getting bigger sitting and waiting, hmmm I hope I don't gain the weight Dave has lost, lol.


today is a new day, and I pray and hope he does and feels better....


thanks for listening to my rant..

Hugs Anne

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hi Anne:


I think you should buy treadmill & do exercise at home while he is sleeping in other room. I have found exercise does help me keep depression at bay.you shoukd buy tradmill & stationary bike for you to exercise such that you don't find getting bored by teethered to him at home.



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