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home and healing



Good Morning,


Watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee, and my dogs, lol. This is my favorite time of day, all is quiet and peaceful for a bit.


Dave is home from the hospital and healing. The healing seems to be going slowly this time, but is going in the right direction, so I am happy. He has a nurse (I requested this) that comes in a couple times a week to make sure the pnemia is going and that we have no set backs, occupational therapy also comes in, physical therapy therapy came in once and pretty much told him, they couldn't help him, we had it under control and he was doing great with what we were doing, which made me feel really good.


OH BUT, I AM SO TIRED, lol I think it has all caught up with me. Dave's illness, his daughters shanaganins, all the visits from friends and medical that have been coming and going. They have been a blessing, but, I am so tired, lol... His daughter "seems" to be behaving lately, buy that I mean her toxic mouth has not gotten back to us, so I pray our "talk" with her has changed her mind about saying damaging and hurtful things. I guess time will tell. I know that she and Dave have talked on the phone and it has been pleasant so that makes me very happy, they need to have a relationship with nice relationship with each other.


Makes me sad though that the two people that he loves the most (other then me :)) his son and daughter, have not come around to visit, his son has not even called since dave being home from the hospital . I don't say anything to dave I know it makes him sad. I have talked to his son to tell him to come and see his dad, but, he just says, yeah, I'm pretty busy, we'll see. I know he loves him, so I don't understand. He has time, since he hasn't had a job in 3 years... so I guess I will just leave it alone and focus all my energy on Dave and getting him stronger and healthier.


I know with a tia and pneumia it will take a bit of time before he is back to where he was before. He is seems pretty content on the whole, a bit frustrated he is not stronger yet, but it is coming along.


He had a friend stop by last evening, that we have not seen in about 3 years, it was nice for Dave to catch up with him... dave had talked to him the day he had the Tia, so the friend was surprised by the recent "events" . It is so important to still have friends that care, even if you don't see them everyday.


Well time for a fresh cup of coffee and to let the dogs out again, looks like a beautiful morning, but calling for some storms a bit latter in the day, so better get outside stuff done shortly.


hugs to all Anne

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glad Dave is home, there is no place like home. hopefully in due time everything will work out between Dave's children & you all.




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