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I'm so excited (thank you Jan)



Dave had his appt today with his primary care Dr. I have finally convinced Dave that a rolleraid with a seat would be a good thing for him since he can't walk all that far without having to sit down. THANK YOU JAN.. for your story, I read it to Dave and that was the final tipping in favor of it... so it's been ordered and it s hould be in withing the next week or so.... I'm so excited for him, now he can go out with more confidence! :)

HE also got his flu shot, so that is covered for yet another year, they said if and when they get the swine flu serum in, Dave is on the list of people to get it, excited about that to. Gotta protect the love of my life.


I did feel bad for him today at dinner, he's been asking for spaghetti for a while now, (whole wheat of course) so I finally made it for him and after he filled his plate he spilt it ALL on the floor... YUCK.... oh well accidents happen, good thing I had made extra in hopes of an easy lunch tomorrow, lol. Anyway, the dogs thought it was a free for all that poppa had blessed them with a whole floor full of food, it was so funny, I almost felt bad for cleaning it up on them and giving it to the outside dogs. My inside ones are only about 10 lbs, it would have made them sick, poor guys. But oh how they to love spaghetti. :) Oh well it got all cleaned up and I got a cold dinner... c'est la vie, he didn't mean to spill it.

My car alarm keeps going off... which is making me quite put out, since it just got back from the garage, and I have NEVER had that problem before, they must have jiggled something while changing the radiator??? I called the neighbour and I think he figured it out for me... it was killing my battery... and somehow one of the alarm wires got disconnected... hmmmm wonder how that happened... to say the least it stressed me out, so I am now having a nice spiced rum and coke... it's my first drink in MONTHS... yummy, I think I'll sleep good tonite.

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How Dave will love his new freedom once he gets his rollator. Accidents do happen and of course the pets believe that it's a special treat. My cats will hover in the kitchen in hopes that Mom will drop something. They both love spaghetti noodles. It's a laugh a minute to see them actually slurp a longer piece of noodle into their mouths too when they do get a sampling of dinner.

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