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Got Assistantance BUT!



I got to the Community building just at 8:30am this morning. I was #11. Women were talking that they were waiting on the back side of the building and the security guard let them in before 8:30. The application takers(their was 2) comes in the waiting room gives out numbers and tells us to have out and ready you income, utility bill, social security card. I was a happy camper cuz I've got a number and it's 8:30 I should be out by 11 am. If not I'll have to come back after lunch. My number was called at 10:15. She was very pleasant but she was horse from all the talking she has been doing. After signing off on all the application papers and being explained how much will be applied to my bill $31o.oo the processing will take 6 to 10 weeks. You still need to continue paying your bill. The application-Your signature on te application certifies that all income and household information is correct. Should it be determined tat these statements are false, you will be subject to a $1,000.00 fine and benefits will not be paid. (like our government has time to research every person to find they gave false information.)Those looking for help for LIHEAP check on the internet for Partnership for Community Action Inc./your county/state

The senior citizens and disabled application first and about half way threw the season they open it to the general public. If you need help also look up United Way in your state.


I am now waiting for the application from the telephone company for senior citizen and those on food stamps for what they call the lifeline.

I'll get a % of my bill off and I have my internet from them also and I will get an upgrade in the speed. :juggle: yippee!


I also accomplished calling the doctors and getting Carl and I appointments that I have put off.


I feel pretty good today that I've accomplished allot this week. When you get the monkey off your back you can feel much lighter.


remembertolaugh, Jeannie

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I am glad you stayed on top of it & finished the job. dealing with any goverment issue you have to be persistent to get any positive results. can't give up because its so hard.



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