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My surgery date

AZ Leah


I neglected to mention that I saw my neurosurgeon on Mon and my surgery date is set for Jan 13. I have an appt with my pulmonologist next week as they still saw some fluid on my rt. lung. I pray there is something they can do so they don't have to cancel the surgery. God is in charge, so I will rely on Him. I think you'll all agree that is a good choice (better than my pea-brain) :juggle: Hugs Leah


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keep God in charge because we all know he is so why bother, just do your duties right results let him take care of that. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for succesful surgery & please let us know how everything is with you before & after. Have Merry Christmas & happy, healthy & prosperous New Year.




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Leah, just relax and enjoy your family and friends over the Christmas/New Year. We get 24 hours a day we can be content and at peace or worry our way through it. You are in a lot of people's prayers so be at peace.


Have a good day tomorrow and the next day and so on, one day at a time is the only way to go.


Sue. :yay:

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