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Thursday blahs



I'll call this the Thursday blahs but it could be any day of the week...

Same ol', same ol'

nothing new

no purpose to do anything

why try?

who cares?

what difference does it make?

I could go on and on..but it's just more of the same boring sh*t




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ok janice,


i can TOP yours. try all of what you just said, AND be at work with a woman who brings her infant to work a great deal and she is in my office WHINING, CRYING, CRAWLING, SPITTING UP, AND GETTING FED AND DIAPER CHANGES, EEEWWWWWWWW, ETC...........not everyday, but all day today. i cant think,, i cant concentrate. MUCH LESS WITH ALL OF THAT RACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my thursday's worse than YOURS is, nah nah nah nah nah





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Kim, at least you have a job that causes you to think beyond yourself...I have no one to talk to, nor any human interaction all day long. Son is off with his friends smoking pot or whatever, hubby comes home from work dead tired not wanting to think or do anything much less talk to me or with me. Why am I even here?


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you are here because you are needed. pot smoking son needs you, and so does hubby no matter HOW tired he gets. you know the "grass is always greener" phrase?, well this SURELY fits. i WISH my hubby was more tired. he is always on me like white on rice, never a moments peace.


and MOST importantly,


i need you janice


kim pash.gif

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