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Not so happy New Years Eve for some



The weather here in the midwest has been like a roller coaster. Starting Christmas Eve we had a beautiful white Christmas with very cold temps. By New Years Eve day the temps were 30 degrees below - like 60! By mid day tornado warnings were out and we had 8-9 tornados touch down in Missouri with one only 5 miles away. I knew Larry could make the basement steps because he had worked at it with the PT here, and on a stairwell in outpatient therapy. He never goes to the basement now. He wouldn't go down, so we sat until the warnings were over for our area. Several houses in a nearby county south of us were totally demolished and people were saying they just made it to their basements. Only 5 lives lost totally, due to the warnings on TV and sirens going off. This was the worst tornado damage in history and on New Years Eve Day! After we saw all the devastation, we know that is the safest place to go. Winds were 160 miles per hr. I pray for those poor people left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.


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Julie, Glad to here you and Larry were missed. sorry for those that were in the path. I was once in a tornado warring in Cleveland, Ohio it also touched down blocks from were I was living. Thank God you guys are ok.:You-Rock:

remembertolaugh, Jeannie:cocktail:

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Julie, I've lived in the midwest most of my life and tornado's are scary. Thankfully I've never been through one. Unfortunately, the newscasters scare you to death. If you listen to them you'll spend your whole life in a basement ;-) :head_hurts: But we do need to pay attention because you just never know.


Thank God you and Larry were missed!



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Thanks Jeannie and Mary Jo. These things always upset me as you can tell. We are thankful that Larry and I were not affected and that people still have their lives even tho they lost so much.

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Julie: here in the NE with the new radars, we have advance warnings, like you, but in my 58 years here, we have had two tornados. My heart was in my throat reading your blog. Like the blizzard night, I was up all night thinking a limb was coming through the roof. With me, it is because I am the one who will have to make the decisions and deal with the outcomes, alone and that is very scary and stressful. I can not even imagine trying to get Bruce down our cellar stairs-I guess on his butt: old house, very steep, no headroom.


I am so relieved you are OK and the house is still standing. Would hate to think you were vacationing in OZ with out me! Donate what you can, maybe blood; something for a food or clothing drive. And just keep an eye on that TV channel. Best, Debbie

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othan god o and lary wa misedy e torado ,i have evr been i one and i can undrstand you no feelin very cofortale allthe best o you stay wellmyfriend

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