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Happy New Year 2011



Well happy new year to all!!. I had a quiet but nice christmas and holidays. I've been dating again and ended a few. I actually met a very nice lady just before christmas. She is actually 9 years older then me but everything is going great!! She has similar issues that I have and I haven't had that before with other dates/ladies. It's been over 2 weeks and great. I told her about my issues and she couldn't even tell because my speech is fluent now. I still have issues but she is ok about that. :laughbounce:


Hope all is well and doing great!!!



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Bill, glad you found your blog and dusted the spiders off it. Always great to catch up on your news again.


Take it slow with your new lady and learn to laugh at the same things and things should go well.



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Happy New year to you too. I am glad you you found new love interest and she is more compatible to you. I find any relationship it's give & take and doing adjustment because you love that person so much.



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