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What did you get for Christmas?



Here we are members into the new year and as far as I can read and see, no one, no, not one member has said what they got for Christmas!


I know some of us were good, everybody couldn't have been naught, somebody had to be good and nice enough to get a present?


The question is WHO?


I had expected to read where some lovely wife had gotten a Mercedes or a Lexus car! Maybe a good husband was given a dressed up Truck he been wanting for years!


I know everybody didn't just get a neck tie, socks and under wear or a dress, suit new shoes or new Bra!


Well, I enjoyed the season, have for years since my childhood days and I hope all of you did too even if it was you got to come home and sleep in your own bed and house! :You-Rock: :happydance:


I said what I got in a thread on the message board for Christmas so go there to read all about my gifts! :rolleyes: :big_grin: :hahaha: No, it was not a new car! Not even a new scooter!


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at our house we don't exchange gifts. we buy things when we need them, though for kido there is exception, he gets whatever he wants, this year he wanted courside basketbal tickets for his favorite team lakers, so that's what he got & bicycle for summer.



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wow, that's great Asha. I think Christmas is really for the kiddos. Over the years the gifts has blown it all out of shape. Big cars, expensive jewelery even big houses all out of my range and mind.


Heck, I couldn't afford an ipad or smart-phone for me or my wife. I settled for underwear (I need) and a meal to eat, that was good enough for me these days. I try to save every penny possible,


I'm retired on fixed income and she's still hard at work. I allow her to charge a few items, all wives need that from time to time. Christmas is one of those times. She is a bargain hunter and can watch an item until it is marked down to her taste.

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oh fred i must have been really good because i got a new scooter so i am, on it all the time rain or snow because i also got a canopy on my scooter now all i need is a heater it gets preatty cool out there in the air i also got an i pod to listen to the tunes whilr on my scooter and i got some turtle wax to keep my scooter looking sleek and sharp fred

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Fred I got Bill New custom seat covers for his Dodge Truck. Bill really blew me away He went to Coldwater Creek and got me a new coat In case you dont know Coldwater Creek is a very very nice store. I think he was trying to make it a Christmas to remember Kind of Hard to forget this Christmas Love Karen

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We spent a ton of money on the kids and grandkids, but for ourselves I got a GPS system for our travels, since Gary can't read a map or help navigate when I drive the motorhome. Gary got his trip to the casino late on Christmas Day and got to play the penny machines for a few hours and we had dinner with our son that night since he had to work Christmas Day. It was pretty low-key around here as usual.

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Lenny, I was about to blog another entry and noticed you had fixed up your new scooter! Man, that's great, I can say you had your ride "Pimped" You've seen that show, "Pimp my ride" haven't you? :scooter:

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