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Going to the casino



Actually, I'm taking my wife to have fun playing the Penny machines she loves to do. She needs a break plus we get free rooms and food with her playing for next time we go. I don't play long enough to earn any comps on my card. She hit for 900 dollars on the penny machine the last visit we had there in Shreveport! So perhaps she can do a repeat! :happydance:


We should return on Monday cause she goes back to work on Tuesday after MLK JR DAY. I think it's good to get away or out of town for a couple days. We don't go crazy we spend what we take no ATM machine transactions. The seafood is great every time we go and it's free. Even without the comps seniors get 50% off meals all the time. And you know they serve you drinks of your choice as long as you are playing the machines or at the card tables.


It will be quite a while before we go back to New Orleans since her mom passed in October. That brings back too many memories of her last week or so alive although she did not suffer. She has a brother there that is not doing too good these days either.


I'll be doing all the driving there and back, she sleeps going and returning home. It's a 5 hour drive going through Dallas to get there. I'll probably take my laptop cause I spend a lot of time in the room and the gym room exercising.


So wish us well, hope she wins and I hit the lottery there! :big_grin: :Clap-Hands:


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Thanks, thank you Debbie, I will tell her! My 7 years stroke date is the 15th (Saturday) so we'll play that number too! :Clap-Hands:

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i wish your lovely bride good luck. Yes take you laptop so that you can keep in touch.

I am so glad that you can take her and have some R & R. This is good for both of you.


Have fun and eats lots of the good sea food.



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