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Most of you are aware that I play the lottery here in Texas. I have been for a few years now.I've only cashed twice where I had to go to the headquarters and sign for the check. You may have paid attention to the national news about the 350 million Mega Million jackpot played in 41 states. Winners were two I heard but the second person hasn't come forward yet.


I don't spend a fortune playing either. I spend one dollar or two on a play ticket once a week on Mega Million and another dollar on Cash Five which plays 5 days a week. There are other games here in Texas and probably in most states these days.


I haven't hit the jackpot yet but I do pretty good on the next amounts down on the ticket. I guess you can't win until your time comes, but how do you know when that is?? So, my thoughts are put a dollar up if I win, OK and if not try another day!


It gives me another reason to get out the house go get a news paper, see people, exercise and back home safely! I would love to hit it big and share with the members here. I see many post here where people are really struggling to just pay bills, get therapy since the stroke of them or their spouse.


I really feel one day I will hit the big payout! I've promised that in my profile statement since I first joined the site. Some people probably spend more than a dollar on drinks or spirits and cigarettes these days.

I couldn't believe the prices of liquor have skyrocketed since I last bought any. And cigarettes aren't cheap anymore either at 40 dollars a carton.


I'm not suggesting you play, just explaining why I play. I don't do scratch offs, I feel that is too much of a spread in winning the jackpots with so many tickets printed for a certain game and distributed all over the state of Texas. The winning tickets could be anywhere in Texas. I don't like my odds there so I don't play.


I consider myself pretty good with numbers being drawn and I have a system that's working so I'm awaiting my turn to win! Wish me luck and I promise to share the prize fund with all of you!


I won't say I don't need the money but there is only so much money a family of two can spend without waste when others could benefit more with things they really need. I know stroke survivors and care givers can use a little help.

:happydance: :rolleyes: :roflmao: :oohlala:

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Fred, you have a generous heart. I don't do lotteries or gambling of any kind as we have that addiction in our family and I don't want it to touch me or mine.


My Mum always hoped to win the lottery and give her kids and grandkids a good time. All we wanted was her love. I hope she knew that we loved her heaps and beneath her Alzheimers knows it still.



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