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I always ask myself every day how far have I come? Well, I just passed 7 years recovering from the stroke. To me I have come a long, long way from not knowing would I live or die that very first few hours and day! I didn't know what had hit me, I just knew I couldn't stand up and it wasn't a heart attack. I knew nothing about strokes.


Looking back now I see very clearly how far I've come. We are all in the same boat and for the most part we have come a long way. Granted, some of us did not make it very long which gives us more reason to be thankful we survived a stroke. Then there are many members here who has survived several strokes. We all know by now that strokes are no joke!


We also know it takes time and patients to survive. It takes exercise, therapy, good care and lots of love to get better with time. When we look at it in that sense, time is all we have. Where else can we go or what else can we do for ourselves but try to get better day by day! Sure we can say daily this and that doesn't work or my meds are not helping my condition, but in the long run when we stick with getting better it works for all of us.


I was even lucky enough to work for a while still trying to recover from the stroke. That gave me more confidence to keep trying and don't give up. Giving up is easy to do, trust me! That's not our choice to make when we want to get back as much as possible.


Most of us suffered a stroke and I'll go out on the limb and say none of us had the insurance coverage we need to get the best stroke treatment possible like in the case of the Congresswoman in Arizona who got shot in the brain. It made me rethink hospitalization and insurances most of us have. We all know now that when we get to the hospital in a timely manner our chances of recovering is much greater.


So, I'm very thankful for how far I have come in 7 years and the love my family and my wife has shown me during that time. I know I couldn't have made it by myself. As it was I stayed in the hospital almost 5 months and in rehab before I was able to come home in a wheelchair still unable to walk.


I give my God all the glory for his mercy and goodness in how far I have come. I'm thankful to my wife, my friends and all the members here. I have learned a lot from you all. I may not be walking as I had hoped for by now but still very thankful I can walk even if it is with a quad cane. One day I may be able to run, who knows?


Thanks for listening to me! :big_grin:


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You have come a long way Fred and you are such a blessing to me/us here on the stroke board. With God we can do great things :)


Keep on trying and stay positive. We have to see our glass as half full.


hugs anne

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fred congrats on 7 yrs.cheer.gif we are truly blessed and have come a long way. proof of this is that we are here.Clap-Hands.gifno one said it would be easy and it's not, but we keep working at it. God is never far away but always watching over us. we are not on this journey alone. we may not know His plan but we are part of it.

like a lot of folks here i was told i would never walk and had achieved all i could or would. boy i love to prove those doctors wrong.thankful to have my family giving me encouragement. maybe you don't have family support that's why your stroke family is here to urge you on. we are a strong group and won't give up. always room for more improvement. as lenny says never give up.onguard.giffight the good fight. blessings mlp lynn

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Fred with your attitude the road to recovery is far from over for you. I think your sense of humor has helped you and many of us here. Thank you for that and keep going my friend.



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