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Still around.

Wesley H.


Okay; I admit it has been a long time since my last post; perhaps 6 months ago if not longer. For this survivor, life has become almost as normal as it was before that life changing day 2 1/2 years ago. Expect for a couple quirks, most people cannot tell that I underwent a major life changing event. I have regained about 40% use of my left hand, yet playing my guitars is still an unachieved goal. My job is still intact and I can take care of most things around the house. I had almost forgot how much I enjoyed this site and will make an attempt to visit more often. I have become far too addicted to Facebook, but I see that many of my Stroke Net friends are there, also. I you are new to this site... recovery does come although too slow at times. For a guy who 2 1/2 years ago was not expected to walk, Ive done well and wish the best for all survivors in the never ending quest for normalcy.


Wesley H.


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hey Wes:

o glad to see you back, happy New Year friend. I am so happy that you have gone back to almost your old self. I did not go back to work since I chose other path of being stay at home mom & I love my new normal equally well. So I feel life is still good just little different on how I achieve my needs and wants.



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Hey big guy, I thought you had faded into the life of the rich and moved to California in a 5 million dollar mansion with butlers and maids too.


It's good to see old friends and long time members still doing OK. You got about 40% in your weak hand I got about 5% use but I'm glad I still got my hand. So many of my soldiers return here to Fort Hood, Texas without their hands and legs.


I think it really depends on your age, ability for regrowth of cells, and where in the brain the stroke hit the hardest. It was 7 hours before I got to a hospital after the stroke.


I'm glad to be alive man! I'm glad you are walking, I'm still walking too but use a scooter for distances greater than about 50 feet or so.

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Welcome back Wes, good to know you consider you have gone back to what you considered normal prior to the stroke 2 1/2 years ago. I think Ray would have said that two years out from his first stroke, back to work, doing a lot of what he did before.


Make an effort to keep your health in check and you will have many happy and successful years ahead of you.



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So glad you dropped in Wes. Don't stay away so long. As the years pass their is less for us to talk about in our stroke recovery. I'm 11 years. Don't let that stop you from blogging.

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean

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