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Day one of blog



Well I see how this is very therapeutic to so many people so I must concede . I've started to not down myself as much anymore. That is a good thing, In the time frame of strokes, I guess I'm still a newbie, Two years in isn't that much. I used to beast myself down about my weight but not remembering much about me in the past has given me a good leg up on building self esteem. Coming from a size 6-8 to much more now is difficult but I have a man that is standing by me every step of the way. He has always told me ,'don't be so hard on yourself for you are the only one that matters' It is true but a hard pill to swallow for my head is always 'cloudy' I tend to explain myself to everyone because you can't see I had a stroke. I seem to wish I had a defects so it was obvious. Now, I don't want to be worse off then what I am already. It sounds silly. I know but I'm complexed.


I'm thinking that is because how I was before but then again like I said 'I don't remember myself before' That has it's benefits. My memory is horrible so this is will help me build it back up.


So everyday will be a more positive then the other.


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A new beginning for 2011 with a blog from you. Thanks! Look forward to learning more about you through your blogs here.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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hey kelly:


welcome tiso wonderful world of blogging. more you will blog you will realize how therupetic it is for your soul. As a blog reader & writer I learn every day something new.




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Kelly: the beauty of this is you can look back every month or so and see what you were thinking and where you were at and then compare. Did I reach my goals, what is my new direction, what will I work on next.


I look back at my first blog, and while a caregiver, see the progress I have made as well as my Bruce.


Also you are not locked into a schedule as you are with a daily journal, which is good for me, in that some nights I just don't feel like analyzing my day-lol. Just living it was enough.


Keep it up, you may find this works well for you. Debbie

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