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Tuesday troubles



well I wake up this morning knowing it's not a good thing to jump on a scale everyday...... So what do it do? Jump on the scale. Upset for another three ponds but I'm not putting into consideration that Ive been doing Wii Fit. Why am I so obsessed with weight? Well my parents are very health conscience and I am too. I have to o tell myself that I'm eating more calories then I can burn off. I'm not eating the wrong foods just not as active as I once was. An you know.. that's OK. I give some excellent advice to my friends about weight and I never listen. This is the heaviest I've EVER been but I've also suffered a stroke. Stroke is a hard word for me to say. Not verbally but mentally. It ever was supposed to be this way. It is so deal. Which is true. The only way you can go is up.A girlfriend of mine is a Buddhist and she really has been helping me look more into myself a see the positive.No one will ever know the journey I've taken to get her now and you know.... that's why mentally I'm better then you. :)


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I have found religious teaching in buddhism & hinduism & all ism gives me lot of comfort in my post stroke life, I am sorry to say that as long as I am doing exercises weight does not bother me, I feel I have this stroke like big fish to fry than worry nuisance like weight. as long as I am not obese, I am not going to care about 5-10lbs here & there. but that's me everybody is different. If you find some secret formula of loosing 5-10 lbs then do share:)



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Kelly: stroke has taken all control away from you. You are focussing on something you can control. With the Eastern teachings, you will find with inner peace and control, you will find your comfort zone.


Good news also is you have another reason to stick with your work out and exercise.


Your focus right now is very positive. Just try to remember the positives. Debbie

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Kelli, have you thought about you just may be designed structure wise (tall, big bones, family traits) to be heavy??? Either way, you have to live with your body and I would think you are suppose to carry some weight and not worry about it.


That's why clothes comes in all sizes like shoes. Some women, men too, have longer, bigger feet. My sister is one of them, size wise I'm smaller than her and I got one little sister that can't or don't gain one pound!


It may be your desire to be a certain size and weight but your body says differently by make-up. You could have taken after your grand mother or grand dad on your mom's or dad's side of the family!


Same way with complexions, in my family some are dark some are lighter complextion!


Being active or inactive can play a small role in weight control by the calories you intake and those you burn off. JMO, I'm no doctor!


I still love you the way you are, and your son does too...A stroke survivor!

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