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why salt can feel like beer



Well yesterday started out as a great day. Knowing another storm is going to hit us, my husband decided to make Italian sweet sausages for dinner. He did all the things needed. Cooked, served and it was delicious. Unfortunately, I've gone one a low salt diet for my heath and KNOW this dinner for tonight isn't good. You should have smelled it. AMAZING. Dinner went great. As we sat down for television time.. you know when your blood pressure has shot up and you feel like you're drunk?... yeah. On top of my normal dizzy feelings, I was tripping and falling into stuff. Water.. yes...more water... of course. My husband felt horrible for allowing me to eat it but when I was pregnant, I was put on a low salt diet and I complained so much he ended up calling my father for support. ( I tend to listen to him more.. big time Daddy's girl) And my father most honestly and lovingly told him that 'once she has her mind make just stand back.. she'll break your gonads' So as he once learned my mind was set. After making a header into our fish tank, my husband helped me into our bedroom accompanied with me evening meds. I finally fell asleep after watching something on TV. It was the more soundly I'd slept in days. The moral of this is... just because our eyes tell us.. yummy... our bodies tell us we're stupid . Another life lesson learned.

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Kelli, you know better than this, especially having suffered through it before during pregnancy. Your blood pressure was probably through the roof, also not good, especially for a stroke victim.


Your husband is stepping up and trying to give you treats and make things good for you. You must give him some direction here. Turkey sausage would have probably worked fine, without the side effects.


You could have been seriously hurt. It is very easy to say just give in to her, but you have been affected cognitively. Have hubby call up some low salt substitutions on the net and you will enjoy it, maybe it will taste different (Bruce complains that ground turkey is not a good substitution in my chili) but it is tolerable and healthy.


Questions? Personal message Call Me Rachel and she will walk you through it. Please be careful, Debbie

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