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A surprize I found in the bathroom!



Okay, I know you are all thinking I am talking about bathroom humor, but it is nothing like that, nothing about body waste. My daughter and I have this little thing we do for each other, like last night, I went into the bathroom, and some little 4 yr, old girl had already put toothpaste on my toothbrush! It is just the most heart melting surprise to stumble on. And of course when I found it she was already sleeping like an angel in the bed. I woke her up to say thank you, cause Lord knows I wouldn't remember in the morning! I leave her a glass of chocolate milk in the fridge, and sometimes I put toothpaste on her toothbrush, to see if she really brushes her teeth when asked.



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that's so sweet, you have wonderful daughter who loves to take care of her mother, mine is also cute but now he is charging me money for everything, hug is $90, holding hand is $10, slap is $30 biggrin.gif so I told him you will get more slap than hugs, which is okay by him.


give fe kisses to madeline from me 2.



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that is one of the SWEETEST things i have ever heard!!! what a lucky mom you are, and probably for a good reason!!!!!



kim pash.gif

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