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Tomorrow we are to be at the hospital at 7:00 am and get the blood work out of the way then its off to meet the Gastroenterology surgeons to see if surgery can be an option or its inoperable The uo to get another MRI to see how the cancer has grown in this time of necessary delay. I am counting on your prayers being with us both Frankly emotionally its not been easy to reman positive all the time Human nature is sneaky that way and you find yourself asking the what if questions Love you all I will try to let you know how it all comes out. Love Kare. Even so Lord Bring the Rain Karen


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you both are in my thoughts and prayers for positive outcome. I pray for your strength & courage in your this moment of trial. I know it's hard but try to be positive for both of your sake & enjoy all the time with each other.



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Thank you everyone We did sort of get some news today We met with the Surgery and head of Surgery They ran a new cat scan today as things as so borderline whether they would consider this operable or inoperable If things have remained essentialy the same since last October and there as not been a further invasion of the embuttment up against the portal vein they will Take most of the pancreas that is not part of the head they will take his spleen and a section of his liver. The tentative date pending the outcome of this of this new catscan would be March 2 If however it has encroached further in on the head of the pancreas they will forgo surgery and go the chemo and radiation route They are saying due to the extent of the surgery they propose it will be a very very serious surgery and everything will have to have a near perfect outcome without complication He will be in the hospital about 10 days and in Intensive care following surgery This is a sliver of hope and the doctors cautioned us both not to get elated and joyful yet We should know Thrusday if its a go or not Love Karen

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You are getting oodles of prayers here from Texas. i know that this is a stressful period. i will pray for peace of mind for you.



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Karen, We all are together with you, and asking in prayer for the best of healings. Don't forget to try and get some rest for yourself, and know that you are doing all you can. Peace, Mike

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