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Thanks for being there



When they sent me home from rehab August of 2006, I had no idea, how I was going to survive. I was basically alone, with my husband working, renvating and spending time with his sick parents. My kids were in school, working and living their ives. No one Iknew,who could speak, had had a stroke and none of my friends understood. Also, I am in a community that supports NO stroke, support group(which I hope to change) Iwent to the internet and found strokenet. evemnthough I could not chat due to an issue with my machine, I still felt support in reading everyone elses comments. I learned aloot and it helped make mw feel less alien. Since then, I have been working on my life and got really busy after I took inventory of what I COULD do. I volunteer, I take aquafit ,line-dnceand MAKING AN EFFORT to start a walking group. I am also writig several books. One deals with the lay-stroke person's tips about living and doing things with only one arm/hand , one spastic leg and scrambled hearing. I am a very impatient individual, which forced me to invent ways to do things myself rather than wait for help. some of them are pretty wild but they get the stuff done


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hey Heather:


welcome back, I did not even recognize you. I am glad you are doing well & getting busy with life. After stroke life changes in an instant. It takes time to rebuild again after fire which burned our old life. I have realized after reading all blogs and living my own life there is still life post stroke just little different, but it's still good in its own way.



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I am adding my welcome on this blog. Usually I am here to read them all but have been away for ten days so just catching up.


Wow, you do so much and seem to be able to ignore the limitations. Good for you.



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