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What to allow



That is awesome asha! I wish I had that philosophy in my mind from the beginning. I am just having trouble about which trees to allow. Some are starting to take and they don't seem appropriate(if you know what I mean)...Heath


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I will be honest here, I never had that philosophy from the begining. what I had was faith in God and my family members to help me get out of this forest fire. after going through severe depression for first 2 years and affecting life of people my hubby & my son who chose to stay by me & go through this life's journey. I made a choice to be best I could be & enjoy this post stroke life since all I have now is my new post stroke life. so I will trust on God that he will make sure which trees need to be reborn in my life. hope you get my point. its convoluted but worked for me.



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I also am in thrat of depression constantly. I havre tried to come off my antidepressants twice and crashed miswerably.but the docs think they will be a permanent fixture in my life due to the antiseizure drugs, I have to have. I have had major difficulty with people in my life abusing my situation. My husband "stuck by me", but has a reationship ngoing with another female,my age. A situation that started before the stroke and I blame for setting off theemotional chaos in me that triggered the stroke. Now I have friends who treat me like I am "brain damaged,which makes me feel at times, like a child

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