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Cabin Fever Tidbits



So called home from work an hour early due to a Caregiver family emergency. I am really concerned for her but was so thankful that nothing was wrong with Bruce. I will do a rosary for that tonight. Do we ever get over that rush of relief when we find out it is not our Survivor? and then the guilt that someone else has a problem and we didn't think of her first?


Anyway, nothing done here. Complete bed change since someone chose not to go to the BR before bed, on laundry load number three for the day, 2 1/2 hours shoveling ice to get out and storms due Saturday and next Tuesday. So hopefully Jen, the day caregiver, will be able to take him swimming tomorrow-can only think of her excuses and my poor Bruce stuck in another day, regressing another day and I am unable to help him.


Anyway now that Puntsatawney Phil has given us some good news, thought I would share some of the things Bruce and I are doing to avoid cabin fever for him. I can get out, even if just to shovel more. But he is left alone for more hours, trying not to add to my work, which means adding to my work since his BR and meal schedules are off.


However, I bring up dried laundry loads and he is expected to fold all of it. He is transferring with spot only, no assistance; wearing AFO at least four hours a day even tho he is not ambulating; baking (with supervision and help); helping with dinner and dinner prep for when I am at work, washing all the dishes-all meals, cleaning his BR-yes it can be done from a WC; monthly greeting cards-birthdays, anniversaries; bills including balancing the checkbook, stamping and inserting into envelopes; pulling coupons (he can not cut them out, but rips the pages out); daily errand list and bank deposits when we can get out.


All in all, progress of a sort. Not what I would have thought of 23 months ago. All I wanted was for him to walk independently and get back into writing and some work-not that he would be paid, but something that I thought was important to him.


Funny how this stroke recovery works. Docs tell us "Oh, he is the same man". But no, he is not. We have been together 25 years, I know this man. And all those things I thought were a priority and important to him proved not to be. He helps me get through driving problems in the snow and ice, advises what to do outside in clearing snow and ice and making things safe for us and the caregivers, is concerned about the weight on the deck (which he built and which I have been clearing at his suggestion). I have realized that his home and our welfare are his greatest concerns. When Jen called on Tuesday to say she would be late, he says to me, "well just go. I'll be fine". His concern was my work and not whether or not Jen could even get here at all to take care of him.


Am rethinking this stroke recovery thing. Trying to just get through this tough winter without injuring myself and keeping my home intact and with small damage and thinking about our future and where it will lead.


Will certainly encourage the pool-he asks to go and loves doing his therapy independently; he's excited about this backward walking that Philldog is encouraging, have the portable ramp for the deck, hoping he will get out more in the Spring (if it ever gets here); his boss wants to build him a raised flower/vegetable bed, the new scooter and maybe increasing my hours at work to improve the income. We shall see.


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I am impressed. Bruce is doing to well. I cannot get William to do all of that work.


But, he surprised me today and asked to play on the computer.


We have been stuck in the house all day due to the ice storm.



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Hi Debbie. Yes, I have cabin fever too big time. The neighbor boys across the street shoveled our driveway last week and since then have come back twice to chip away the ice and clear it more. We went to our regular service last night and I park next to the sidewalk in "handicapped area" but had to really be careful getting Larry out. The ice had melted and froze again. After church Larry had one lady on one arm and me on another. I guess the good Lord got us through it. We are getting more snow this week. :ranting: Yes, I have been looking for mittens for Larry. I may have to look in the womens dept. They are suppose to be warmer anyway. So far, Larry has just been putting on one glove! I'm taking a tip from your post and having Larry do more chores. One thing he has said he would help with is getting the info together for our taxes. He also empties the dishwasher. Tomorrow we go for our outpatient evaluation again. I hope it goes well and he gets it again. :gym: Take care.


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Well I just figure if I am outside shoveling for 2 1/2-3 1/2 hours almost every day, someone has to help out a bit here inside. My Mary Beth can't be expected to come every weekend to bail me out.


Besides William and Larry do at least an hour daily of exercising and swimming. They also both walk in the house. Bruce watches TV and sits in his WC, not quite the same. On pool days he gets a small reprieve, usually I do dinner dishes while he washes up and does his teeth. Yesterday he made cupcakes and with snow storm due this week wants to try a pie with his mother's crust recipe. Should be fun. The best news is he is asking, this is a big advance and I am right there. Did sausage and peppers and then Tacos two nights last week and with the leftovers for two nights I worked, actually saved me four meals. So no complaints. Thank you for the support and positive thinking. Sometimes I get so down about lack of physical progress, but am very excited about his cognitive improvements.

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I remember Ray helping around the house about a year after the 1999 strokes. I had my hands full with my dear demented Mum and desperately needed his help.


Then when he had the 2001 stroke that took some of that thoughtfulness away, he only got about 50% back but still could do a few chores. Then whoosh! the 2005 took the rest.


Keep him at the housework if you can, make it HIS domain.



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