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It's only January 27th



Who do I speak to regarding the path of our current Jet Stream? We here in Connecticut and the NE in general are set in this pattern where we are getting snow almost daily off the Great Lakes.


Yesterday took the cake. Bruce and I checked the weather and were assured by several stations that this last big blast would begin in the afternoon. We skipped morning chores to get to the pool early. We had just gotten in, say 9am, when Bruce says "Ethyl, it is snowing." Bruce's Rehab is on a mountain. After an hour workout, shower, we headed home. At least 4 inches in that time. Thank God Bruce is strong with his left arm or I would never gotten him up the ramp without Firefighters. We watched the noon weather and OOPs. Last night's blast left us another 18 inches, wet stuff.


Last Thursday I panicked. The forecast for this very storm at that time was 6-12 inches. There was moisture showing through the ceiling in our bedroom; gutters backed up and the 30 inches sitting on the roof. I had done my best to keep down spouts and leaders clean and open, but I can not get on a ladder without someone here to spot me. I called all those "friends" to help me out for five days, no one came. Finally I called our dear Contractor. He and a crew arrived on Friday and cleaned the back gutters. But the front wasn't done, the larger portion of the house is not done and now I have another 18 inches up there. My sister Mary Beth arrived in a rush, fearing I would put a bullet to my head. She and Pete agreed to set up a friend to get in here and help me out. They arrived at 6:45am and made short work of most of it. I had to shovel out the car and truck-2 1/2 hours with the help of my dear neighbor. I am praying that the new contractor will be able to find time to get the gutters cleaned out again before our next blast due Tuesday. My house faces south, so when I left for work at 3:30pm, my driveway was clean and dry. Not so when I got home. City plows totally blocked the driveway. Bruce's caregiver Cathy and I shoveled out enough for me to get the car in. North Haven has received 61 inches of snow since January and yet another big storm due on Tuesday. Not to mention the daily "snow showers" due all week. Somehow I will find this money in my budget.


I was angry and tired after all of this tonight. I had gotten out early this morning to allow time for a much needed shower when Bruce had a nap. Cathy then informed me that Bruce had refused to go to the BR. Well "Mister" (that's what Kira calls him) was awake when I finally got inside. I can only thank our dear Host Sue for her Compassionate Conversations, which I read last night. Got him dry and changed with no anger or remarks. I have just poured a glass of wine. Needed to get this out and wanted the numbers in my blog history.


Had so planned on errands and pool tomorrow. Bruce is suffering so from this added work and definitely feels my anxiety and fear. Kira is afraid to come near me. I can't seem to get ahead. Had planned on working on more independence with transfers and more chores here, but again we get into a routine that changes pretty much daily. And we all know that is hard on our survivors. Driving down the mountain in four inches of snow in a pickup I can not stand, I said to him "I am so thankful my navigator is on board!" (Bruce was able to handle any weather in a vehicle and can talk me through anything)and he said "I wish I could do this for you little Ethyl."


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I had a frustrating day today but it pales in comparison to yours. I could not do snow. I was born in England and remember snow but only as cold wet stuff that got in your boots and froze your toes. Silly Aussies go overseas to ski in it~!


Sorry all this is happening right now, maybe give up your plans for a while and go into shut-in mode for a few days. You need a break before the next crisis.


I should know about trauma as I have had a lot of them and believe without Mary Beth in your case and Trevor in mine we would never cope and our loved one would be in full-time care.


Hang in there.



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Oh Debbie,you really have your hands full!! If I could change the JetStream for you I certainly would. I used to love snow, but since I have to clean the driveway and walk I think I'm out of love with it. lol I cannot imagine as much as you've had. I live in the midwest and we've had more than our normal snowfall. Thank God I insisted on an electric start snow blower several years ago. I could never get it started with that pull thingy.


At least you've found someone to help out a little. Hang in there, it's got to stop someday, doesn't it????



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Oh Debbie, Mother Nature has sure been cruel to all of you out east. :notfair: I'm hoping you can chill out for a few days until things get better. Oops, chill out may be the wrong words. :oops: Just stay warm and relax if you can. :cocktail:


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Debbie, just to let you know you are not alone. We are getting dumped on starting tomorrow - ice and then a load of snow through Wednesday. :thumbsd: When will it end?? Hope you are doing better.



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debbie thinking of you as we await the 1-2 punch storm starting tomorrowhead_hurts.gifhope connecticut is spared. my neice in cheshire has had it, so have we in albany. hopebruce is doing well. blessings mlp lynnpash.gif


next month is spring

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