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30 1/2 inches



All of you know I live in Connecticut. More importantly, I live in North Haven, CT. On January 11th and 12th, North Haven, CT beat Connecticut's largest snowfall in 24 hours: 30 1/2 inches! Who is better than me?


After we made national news, the telephone did not stop ringing: California, New Mexico and of course, New Hampshire. We received 18" December 26th, Two storms in early January the 6th and 8th: 6" and maybe 3" (light stuff) and now the big Kahuna.


Bruce and I spent yesterday morning awaiting for the storm to pass, cooking. We have not done this in ages. My darling Mary Beth keeps us stocked up, but us caregivers know the importance of "projects" plus my neighbor plows out the bottom half of our driveway (and boy has he been busy). Cliff had to walk to work, about 2 miles. He is an Engineer and had to go in, then walked home and of course, plowed out both of us. Bruce and I made dinner for him and his Mom, who is disabled. Bruce had promised cup cakes, but we never got to them. So save that for another day-and based on the forecast, that will probably be this weekend.


This time around, the city plowed over our mailbox. This drift is at least six feet high. I spent the morning digging it out. Bruce would be out of his mind if we could not get mail. Our front of the house and driveway are Southern facing, so with the wonderful Sun, if I clear the big stuff, the ramp and driveway are dry by end of day for the most part. With caregivers coming and going it is imperative that we be clear and safe.


Yesterday, Bruce went down for a nap and while I check him every half hour or so (and this makes the task even longer), it still took me four hours just to get the cars out. Hopefully after two days in, he will be ready for a jaunt and maybe swimming with Jen tomorrow. Kira has been happy to just hang out on the comforter, but did try several steps out once the ramp was clear. Pretty funny as her paws got wet and cold!


I like shoveling snow. I find it peaceful and mind-clearing, especially in sunlight. Bruce and I used to race to see who could get to it first. Even back pre-stroke, the medical community suggested men should not be shoveling, much more risk for cardiac problems than women and we used to share the duties. Last night I could not wait to get in bed. If I medicate Bruce too early, he is up with the birds. His transfer to the WC is simple and he takes it from there. But it takes me so long to get back to sleep, I still dread it. Tonight not so bad. I did find my blood sugar dropped on my way home from work-ya think?-altho I did have dinner, just not enough I guess. And tonight not as achy and sore.

I was bound and determined to have a nice, hot, long shower and I did. I had prepped for morning before I left for work and left a list for Cathy, which was done.


I don't think I have felt this at peace and self-fulfilled in a very long time. Hard to believe it took a a bad spate of weather to get me here, but I guess one never knows what will touch one. The Goddess is watching over me.


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:pokerface: I read the cards: there will be :stretcher: ah hospital in your future if you do not :coldb: keep warm, :nurse: keep a life balance ( and blood sugar too).


:stuff: Eat healthy, sleep well :cloud9: :roflmao: laugh a lot.


And most of all remember :cocktail: you have friends. :Beer-Chug: So that should make you :Dance: feel like dancing whatever the weather. :Help:


Sue. :Hi:

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wow Debbie:


I am amazed you are not afraid of clearing the snow, I used to help hubby prestroke but post stroke kido helps him & my job is to make them hot chocolate. New job is much better. I really hope now we r done with all this snow business.




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Hi Debbie - was wondering about you. You were just playing in the snow right? Wow, that is a lot of snow! We haven't had that much ever and haven't shoveled that much in years. Be careful as you may not know how much you are hurting yourself. I think Sue has used all the emoticons that apply but I will add one. :welcome: back.


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What a snowfull you had.... I am so glad to be here in Houston. I am so glad that you feel good. things are falling into place for you.


I know about waking up at night. I hate it. I fall asleep again quickly. I just hate the interruption.



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my niece lives in cheshire and they also got hammered. if you get a chance take a look at fking's post of snow diary. it should be read for a laugh while the snow blows. here in albany we're expecting a new storm tues. we only got about 15 ins.and right now they say it may be a repeat of the last one .at least husband got snowblower going today. also the new spring and easter banner is on the homepage. i couldn't change frosty fast enoughroflmao.gifhoping spring comes early blessings mlp

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