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Happy New Year's



My darling sister came, last minute, for the weekend. Always a treat. She is re-educating for a new career and her oldest is home for the holidays from college, so I appreciate her taking the time to come for an overnight.


As usual, she brought enough food for months. And we enjoyed a lot of sister time. One of the benefits of Bruce going to bed so early. I had been taking time out from my work to do those errands that Bruce can not share in. Last week, I had three stops and left him at work. His boss was thrilled to see him and said Debbie, any time. But that WC in and out of the truck can be exhausting. Some days you just want to get the work done and others it is nice to do it together. One of Bruce's friends offered her husband to sit, but the husband did not offer-lol. Anyway with Mary here I was able to get the big shop done at BJs.


Six month check up with Neuro today. The Neuro needed an update on the Baclofen pump trial and surgeon. After we talked for a bit, he told Bruce he thought the pump was the answer for Bruce. I said while I would do whatever was best for Bruce, I was not willing to pay for major surgery if Bruce was not willing to do the work required afterward. I have said this to Bruce several times over the past two months. The Doctor thought about it for a bit and said "Bruce, she is right. While I feel this is the best answer for you, I will tell you, when you come for your next appointment after the pump is inserted and tuned, I do not want to see that WC!" Now he has it from the Pro!


New Year's Resolutions: Safety issues here at home: relocating the phones so Bruce can get to one in an emergency. I had moved them off to far corners when making room for the WC and now realize he can't get to one easily if he needs to. I am leaving him alone more as I am trying to cut back on caregiver hours. Safety card in my wallet, that says if you are in my wallet, someone needs to get to my home. Back up plans for Bruce if I am hospitalized and my Executor needs to get here and sort things out. Safety Deposit Box and further financial savings by removing Bruce from the auto insurance, auto club, etc. Increasing my work hours so I can get back on their Health Insurance and cancel my private pay.


Happy New Year to all. And may we all find some peace and happiness.


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Debbie, now it is my turn to worry. Where was the mention of the things you are going to do for YOU this year. It is not all about Bruce, it is all about Bruce AND Debbie.


You are so efficient and I really admire you for that. You have made certain choices and are now working on your plan, that is good but please factor in some fun time for you as well.


This is a hard period when you are trying to increase your workload. In the early stages of the second year was when I had a mighty reality check when I got quite ill myself. Of course I had Mum and Ray at that stage. I was fortunate I also had a friend who was a social worker and someone notified her that I was going under and that is how I got some help.


So please, some "me time" for Debbie is an essential part of the plan for long term care.



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happy New year to you, but I agree with Sue don't forget to take Me time for yourself too. hope you have great support & friends at work so that you are not too stressed at work & enjoy it so that it can become your ME time.



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Debbie, I always enjoy your posts as you give some good ideas. The backup plan is good to have. I just hope for now the kids will be there for us but that would only be temporarily as they all work. My daughter has come here several times from Michigan since the stroke to help me. I don't know what I would do without her. Good luck with Bruce's surgery for the pump. Happy 2011! :You-Rock:

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The wallet card, what a great idea. My first 'to do' job for tomorrow will be to complete a wallet card. It sure looks like you've structured some peace of mind into all your New Year planning, relocating phones and such.


I know what sister time is like. Bernie had 3 sisters (one passed a year ago). When they visit (even with Bernie in the healing process) it's chaotic fun to watch and listen, they're nuts. They have a great time.


Good to read you've got it all together. Hang in there and Happy New Year, Mike

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