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Belated Christmas Gift



I am pretty sure I got my Christmas present today, or an early birthday present.


Bruce is supposed to swim with Jen on Tuesdays and Fridays. She has offered excuses, but it comes down to in the last six weeks, she has taken him three times. Now my work schedule is set up so that I can take Bruce to work two mornings a week and pool on Wednesday and Saturday.


This morning he was set to go to pool, all packed and ready to go and she walks in with the long face and I just knew. I said he really wants to swim today and left. When I got home, truck was still in same spot in driveway, so they didn't even go out.


When Bruce goes to bed, we talk while I change into my PJs and I said to him what is on your agenda tomorrow. He said, well what do you have to do. I said well we have to go to both banks, but we can fit that in. He says to me, "Well the one thing I do know is I have to get into that pool tomorrow. My body feels like a rock."


Merry Christmas Ethyl!


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Good for Bruce. He realized how good the pool is for him. I told William that we had to go to the pool today before the rain came. He was up at 5:30A. WE left and yes we beat the rain. It is raining right now and William is sleeping. The pool is the best thing and actually the easiest for me.

He loves to chat after the pool with the guys. THey talk and have coffee. It is a good socialization time.



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Oh Ethel that's great! It must make you realize that hard work and persistence pays off. Keep up the good work...both of you!!



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