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Larry's one year anniversary



Well, Larry made it to one year and - so did I! Last year at this time he was lying in a room at St. John's Medical Center after being brought there by ambulance. I was so confused and shocked at finding him at home, with stroke symptoms, that I called the kids - and couldn't get them. I was calling the wrong numbers! I finally got one of the kids at work and they spread the word. They were all in the E.R. by the time I got there with Larry's son. I remember the weather was snowy that week also! I stayed in Larry's room as they had a couch that made into a bed. I was able to catch those sneaky doctor's, who get there very early in the a.m., to ask questions. Larry was in the hospital for 7 days and then transferred to an acute rehab facility connected with the hospital. I was very grateful as this was an excellent facility and he received very good care. However, he was only allowed 30 days there and was transferred to a SNF for 3 weeks :thumbsd: Therapy good but nursing staff, etc. not so good. He went home and he had an excellent team of home therapy for a few weeks, and then O.P. therapy. Larry is lucky that he has not been in pain other than muscle tightness. His blood pressure has been and still is good and cholesterol good. He was able to lose the wheelchair after going to O.P. therapy and walks now only with a cane. His left arm and hand are still pretty much immobile although he can lift his arm some and move it back and forth on the table. Hand does not move yet. I'm hoping he will get more movement in his arm/hand in time. My biggest worry is another stroke as he still has 100% left carotid blockage and 50-60% right carotid blockage. The vascular surgeon monitors this every 6 months. This weather has hampered our activities a lot. :Tantrum: The outpatient evaluation was cancelled this past week and scheduled for Monday. We had more snow last night and may get more Sunday. I need to find mittens for Larry as he cannot wear his regular gloves on his affected left hand! I hate this bundling up, watching so Larry doesn't fall on our trips outside. Also, I have to watch so I don't fall - who would take care of me?? Sorry to ramble but this weather really sucks! :ranting:



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hi Julie:


:congrats: on your first year anniversary. First year is the tougest of all, life changes in an instant, and so many changes to deal with. but let me assure you as time will go on, you will see things getting more normal, and you both will find happiness & contentment in your new normal. that's the best place to be in. I will be celebrating my 7th stroke anniversary in couple of days. I remember back in hospital I never thought I would find happiness again. but I did. so I now feel post stroke life is still good just little different.



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Julie: Congratulations to you and Larry. Got that first and worst one under your belt. Hugs to you and please give him a big kiss for me tonight!


Now that you have gained some perspective, please don't dwell on the "what ifs". You didn't do that a year ago and it happened anyway. Celebrate your time together and the advances, one day at a time. Go to bed every night with a smile at all the goodness you had that day.


Tip: Bruce's gloves are of the mitten-fabric type(Knit, not leather or suede). I just put it over his hand and never mind the fingers. Looks silly and we have great laughs about it, but it does the job. Bruce only transfers from WC to truck and back and I still go crazy trying to find a clear, dry spot for him to stand. I can't imagine if he was walking. Must be a nightmare.


Spring is coming honey and hopefully the snow melt will not last until May-lol. Until then, hang in there and again congratulations. Debbie

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You and Larry are doing great!!! What wonderful progress. It is amazing how quickly time goes by.


You have learned alot.



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