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Black History Month



Most of you know about Black History month here in the US as it's celebrated all month with plenty of festivities all across the United States.


I think all people regardless of race, creed, color or national origin is somebody and are Human Beings. We come in all sizes, shapes, heights, and of course colors of our skins! Over the years I really feel we, as people of all races and origins have come together as God intended although we were in different regions and spoke different tongues of languages!


But when you really read history books you'll find God made us in his own image and with the exception of Jesus the Christ were born of woman and man which put us in sin! We all know God was responsible for Jesus being born of the Virgin Mary. And of course we know to that it hasn't ever been done since that time!


That leaves all of us to know Christ died for our sins on the cross as an innocent man as the son of God.


So, here we are enjoying all of what was intended for all humans and as blacks, life and opportunities has increased with many noted persons as leaders for that cause! Most of us know or remember Martin Luther King Jr. and now the 44th President of the US, Barack Obama.


Long before them were many others in the history pages of all history books that had a hand in inventions, schools, and so many other things including being the first Black in Congress year ago and of course women that followed in being recognized.


We learn to manage our bread and butter until God supplies the jam! The power of a dream as was the case with Dr. King, that children might one day grow up in a nation where they would be judged by their character, not the color of their skin


Many other African Americans have had powerful dreams for their race, their country, and themselves come true. I shall never forget Nelson Mandela of South Africa who was imprisoned for 27 years then released and became President of South Africa. The very nation that put him in prison.


I look at the uprising in Egypt at the moment, the same country God told the the king to let his people go. We all know what was done to get them all out of Egypt by parting the Red Sea. They then spent 40 years in the wildness as God's people lead by Moses, but in the end things and people were better in those days long before our times!


We know history repeats itself so many years from now we can all live in America and most of the world without the color of our skin or the language we speak being a factor for our habitation in this country and the nations! If I got any facts wrong, please feel free to correct me or my mistakes as you read this. My writings got cold and I can't seem to read my own writings! A writer I'm not! :big_grin:

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thanks for reminding us of proud black history. I feel the same way about my culture & country. For me all religions are there to comfort me in my hour of need, I believe in all God & believe people call it different names

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