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Valentines Day approaching fast



Well all you Sweethearts with hearts and love so sweet, your day is approaching fast. I hope none of you get disappointed by the the one whom loves you dearly and doesn't show you they do share your love and hearts! :big_grin:


I'm not sure we can call this day a holiday but it is always listed on most calendars I know about! The malls sure are expecting a crowd of people in to purchase presents for their sweethearts male and female! I have noticed Roses are more than a dollar or even two dollars a dozen anymore. The last time I gave my wife roses they were a dollar a dozen.


I think flowers are out and presents like shaped hearts of gold and diamonds, rings and cars are the "In" thing to give as presents these days! What ever you get or give this Valentine day, I wish you all the happiness possible and to each of you, I say, Happy Valentine Day from me to you! :yeahrite: :cocktail:


Well, no doubt men are some body's sweetheart too and I really hope you don't get disappointed by the one you adore and have loved so dearly all these years! :unsure:


Now, for some of you guys fortunate enough to have more than one sweetheart, other than a mother(s), daughters and wife, I say, "Have at it" just don't have the gifts wrapped then give the wrong one to the wrong person!! :big_grin: :rolleyes:


Don't laugh yet, it has happen and still does each year, just read the paper the day after! I admit I did it myself many years ago when I thought I was Mr. Hot Stuff! :unsure: :juggle: :beer: I guess I wasn't a good juggler in those day gone bye!


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oh yes fred it is going to be valentines soon and yes my wife and my good friend jack and his wife marilyn we are all going out to dinner for valentines day and at the same time on valentines day is jacks 10 year anniversary since his stroke and his wife marilyn has been jack caregiver and wife and helping jack every step of the way so i am sure that jack will have some roses for marilyn and i for my lovely wife and cargivers darlene and i hope that you fred and your lovely wife will have a wonderful and bery happy valentines fred, your friend lenny

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Fred thank you for the lovely post about valentines day. Flowers are nice to receive, but

chocolates are delicious. Just a card is just as good, it's the thought that counts.

Happy Valentines Fred.

Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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