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A succefull day!



I awoke this morning refreshed, the sun was coming up. The birds

were having a field day at the feeders. My two favorite birds are

Cardinals and Red Headed Woodpeckers. I have many other birds

but those are the prettiest this time of year.


Today I'm going to stay at home and work on my computer network.

I installed my D-link router a year ago. It was really easy, after all

they have a 1-800 technical help step my step. Any one can do

it, all you need is common sense. Well, my desk top is the main

computer and the printer is connected to it. So now I want to

get my laptop which I have on the Network but I need to

figure out how to print from my laptop. I first sent prints

to the printer, the problem is it's not printing. I have been

reading all day Microsoft, Windows, D-link sites. I turned

on the share programs still no printing. I was going to

problem solve this, it recognized the printer on the laptop so I

know I have internet connection. But it was not reaching the

other computer on the network. After doing all this reading

I came across the word (PORTS). My laptop didn't have the

same ports as the main computer. I printed off the main

computer so I could see what port the printer was printing off

of. I added the new local port USB2. Now I'm watching

the print ques has 3 and now 2 and last 1. My printer is

in the another room. :sword:


Hurray for me! Now I can print from my Laptop.

Working on computers is like a puzzle without the

visible pieces in front of you. I exercised my brain

today have you?


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Jeannie, you are a genius! I couldn't do half of what you do. If my computer has a problem I call my boys and one of them comes over and fixes it.


I have been doing some jobs today so I am hoping my brain found it all fun. Exercise is best when it is fun as well.



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I admire you for getting your computer problem solved. If our computer died I would have ask one of our kids to help plus Larry would be worrying day and night until it was fixed. I looked outside today too and saw a Red headed woodpecker going at it on our maple tree. Luckily, he wasn't pecking a hole in our neighbors garage as I've seen them do. I love looking at Cardinals too. The ice is melting and the warming trend has come this week. :cheer: Have a good week.



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wow that's amazing. I get so frustrated with computers, I am amazed you persisted & finished the job good for you, now you can print from your laptop from anywhere amazing.



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