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Left a sauce pan on the stove



After watching the View on TV Carl

brought up the age old question

"What's for lunch, where do you

want to go?". I just

wanted a sandwich. Carl wanted to go

out but did not know

what he wanted to eat. So, I put my

thinking hat on and

came up with No.1 Chinese Buffet. I read

about this place

$5.50 for lunch+10% senior discount. But

it is a drive north

45 minutes, 29 miles. A foodie will go far for food. :laughbounce:

I got dressed not paying attention to

what Carl was doing.

When I was ready to walk out the door

Carl was at the computer playing cards.

I did my duty and called the place

to make sure the Google map directions

were correct.

(that's my responsibility, Carl's is does

the driving).


The drive up their was really nice since

the sun was out and

the temp was 40 degrees. The buffet was

really nice, allot of fresh veggies (which I love).

Carl got his favorites and soup.

We sat to eat, 10 minutes later Carl

announces he left the stove on. I asked

"what's on the stove". Carl says "I have

a sauce pan with the honey bottles in water

" then he adds " I lowered the flame down

and put more water in it".:bop:


It's not going to have any water in it for

how long were gone. Finish up lunch, we

need to head back home and, hope the

house doesn't burn down. Well, that ruins

the rest of the afternoon.


Heading back will take us about 1 hour,

and maybe more cuz it's Friday and traffic

is bad. On the way back we must of got

every slow, undecided drivers on the road today.


We pulled in the driveway, the house is still

standing (at least in the front) The kitchen is

in the back of the house. We open the door,

both wondering what we would find. The

sauce pan has no water, one of the honey bottles broke

open and honey was boiling in the pan around the other 2 bottles.


I removed the bottles from the sauce pan. The

honey was just starting to burn, I filled it with

water put it back on the heat.

Once it remelted I stirred it they poured the hot

water out and put cold water in and it became

brittle and, all came out of the pan.


I was upset at Carl:ranting:, for if it was me that

had done what he did he would have yelled at

me all the way home. I'm really happy:happydance:

that the house didn't burn down. I just spent 2

days cleaning the top of the stove. So, I'm glad it

didn't over flow. From now on I'll have to do a

double check before walking out the door.








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Jeannie, my thing to leave on was always the iron as I did last minute ironing before we went anywhere.We had to turn back a few times to come home and check it was off.We can all leave things ON, we are human.


We have friends who think we are their guardian angels as we arrived at their place just as the tomato soup was catching fire! We extinguished it and found them doing some fencing. The kitchen was a bit wet but we made sandwiches for lunch instead.


Forget it happened and don't let it bother you too much.But just check off the lights, oven, stove top and iron before you go out.



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I have done the same thing few times before now I double check everything before leaving. thank god nothing bad happened lesson learnt, double check every thing next time.



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