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I fell again



I did a cleaning of my bedroom. I came across a pair of clog shoes.

I use to wear them all the time before I was stroked. After I have only warn

flat shoes, saddles, tennis shoes for 10 years. The clogs are kinda flat

but they have a incline. I was deciding if I will that them for a spin.

I took them for a spin, wore them when Carl and I when out to

lunch. Everything was fine until we started back home and Carl spotted

a restaurant he wanted me to get out and check it out and get

a to go menu.

Carl pulled up in front of the restaurant and I jumped out. Walking towards the

door, had one step up on to the sidewalk ????? Down I went, like a board

standing reject straight up now flat down. My sisters gave me

a cushion in the front, poor Thelma and Louise is what I name them. :roflmao:

Before Carl could get out of the car and help me, I got myself

up and brushed myself off. I rearranged my hat and continued

into the restaurant. Got a to go menu, looked over the food. It was

a pizzeria, they make calzones, all kinds of different pies as in meat pies.


Now about the fall I have to ask myself why? I thought I picked up my foot

to step up. I'm sorting this out and I come to the conclusion that I didn't pick

my foot up high enough. When wearing my flats I shuffle my feet. So wearing

the clogs is going back on the shelf. I'll stick to my flats.


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So, how cute did you look?


Two weeks ago, my sister came and insisted on taking Bruce and I out to lunch. She insisted I dress and wear my super cool black boots. Except the boots do not have a gripper sole and Mary Beth can not transfer Bruce car to WC. So practicality prevailed and I wore black walking shoes to match my black pants. Looked super cool but also safe.


Sisn't help two days later, when in walking shoes was helping a neighbor with getting her the newspaper and fell on black ice.


Moral of the story: Might as well feel pretty and stylish, going to happen anyway.


Be careful! Debbie

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Jeannie , as a caregiver pushing a wheelchair I always wear flats. The first few times I tried heels I slipped or twisted my ankle, I once lost control of the chair and managed to do the splits. None of that looks attractive. So I threw out all the unsuitable footwear and learned to ignore what the current fashion was.


I would rather be safe than sorry and in a plaster cast. It is hard to make the changes permanent but I realise that a lot of people are having to make those same decisions.


Ouch! Hope Thelma and Louise recovered...lol.



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