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The Congresswoman is improving from her wound



Congresswoman Gifford is improving greatly in the Houston rehab facility. Maybe soon we will see a picture of her or see her in person soon. I continue to pray for her recovery. Nobody deserves being attacked or shot in a public outing but it continues to happen since president Lincoln was shot many years ago.


As long as we have guns and freedom to carry them people will continue to kill people all over the world.


I just wish we all had the insurance to get the therapy need for all stroke survivors to recover as this congresswoman is doing. I know there are clinics in every state that can save people from life long suffering from strokes with more intense treatments and therapy.


Even the football concussion injuries are treated in Houston or in Florida at these specialized clinics and those guys are able to walk and talk again. You would think it would be available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. What's more important, money or life? Where would we be if the paramedics came to take us to the hospital but refuse to do that when they discover we are not able to pay for their services??


Until strokes and heart attacks are no longer happening to people, we should be able to be treated at the best facilities available if we have the proper insurance or not! But that's down the road aways.


Until then we pray to have survivors of strokes and we can and do recover as best we can with the little therapy we do receive until our insurance stops paying. When you really think about those procedures, it's a sad thing we face in life!


So, there is really no life as usual like we were before the stroke. We will have some form of ailments for the rest of our lives and if some of us don't, we are truly blessed. But our lives goes on day by day with the hopes of us getting back to normal in our minds! :big_grin:


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I'm sure we all wish we had the same kind of medical benefits our senators and congressmen and women have. Gary had good insurance through his electrical union, but even they hesitated to pay bills on time causing him to be dismissed from one hospital too early, refused for treatment at the best brain injury rehab facility in Denver, and then pushed out of rehab much sooner than he should have been to return home. They kept telling me they were paying the bills and he could stay as long as he needed to, but they were delaying paying the bills and fighting the medical facilities over every little detail to the point nobody wanted to deal with them. I even had a billing supervisor approach me in Gary's room right after he was released from ICU to the neuro unit and ask me if we were going to be able to come up with our share of the bill. I wasn't even sure if he was going to live or die at that point so I told her if she was worried about it, maybe I should wheel him out to the interstate in a wheelchair and hold out a tin can for donations.

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Then, as you know they fought the president's plan to have insurance for every body. Maybe he didn't go about it in the right way but the idea of having insurance for all was a good plan I think.


Right now on the message board I read where many care givers don't have insurance for their survivor and they were the one who lost their job, income and health insurance.


These days insurance and health care are number one to have!

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