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Colonoscopy For Dummies Available for Free



Colonoscopy For Dummies available for free download!



Colonoscopy for dummies, a free easy to read publication about what to expect when preparing for and undergoing a colonoscopy has been released by Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., in partnership with the colon cancer alliance (CCA). Colonoscopy for dummies is designed to help clarify common misconceptions about colonoscopies, and can be downloaded for free at Http://


This year alone, colon cancer will likely be responsible for more than 51,000 deaths, said Andrew Spiegel, chief executive officer of the colon cancer alliance.

Colon cancer is treatable when detected early by having a colonoscopy, yet as shown through our survey results, compliance is still a major problem and might contribute to fewer cases being detected and thus, more deaths associated with the disease.


Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States, behind smoking related lung cancer, and 80 to 90 million Americans are considered at risk. Guidelines issued by organizations including the US Agency for health care research and quality, as well as the ACS, strongly recommend people begin receiving colon cancer screenings upon reaching 50 and even earlier if they have family history of the disease.


However, a recent colon cancer alliance survey found seven out of 10 people 50 years or older who had been recommended to have the test still had not had a colonoscopy, primarily due to fears alone. In the same survey, 73 percent of people said bowel prep remains the hardest part of the colonoscopy experience.


Colonoscopy for dummies featuring insight from Dr. Carol Burke, director of the center for colon polyps and cancer, department of Gastroenterology and Herpetology at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Provides valuable information about prepping for a colonoscopy and what to expect both during and after the procedure.



I wanted to post this blog for all of us to download the information about preparation for this test. Our own Mary Jo's husband Dan is about to under go surgery in regard of colon he may have and his body at this time is very weak. Please pray for him and Mary Jo, she needs our prayers for her husbands concerns at this time.


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thanks for great info, I forced my hubby to get it done recently & he was not happy about it, but he went through it & now I have peace of mind. Mary JO & her husband will be in my thoughts and prayers.



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Fred, I thank you also, you always inspire others to do things they have been putting off. Ray and I have had the tests though mine was long ago and may be time for another. My Mum had colon issues so perhaps that means I may too.


Praying for so many people, as there gets to be less praying people we all have a bigger list.



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Thank you so much Fred. Not only for posting this information, but for your prayers and support! I continue to keep all of my dear friends at StrokeNet in my prayers.



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Thanks Fred. We have postponed Larry's colonoscopy until July so I will take a peek at this info. I'm hoping Larry will be able to move a little faster by then. :big_grin:



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