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15 Days Until Spring, It's 32 degrees this morning



It's hard to believe it's 32 degrees this morning in central Texas, man there is about 15 day until spring has sprung. I'm ready to start cleaning out the garage, dust off the BBQ pit, take the glass paneling down from the patio and let the wind and sunshine in!



Oh well, guess I gotta wait until this little cold snap is gone. I'm getting the taste for BBQ ribs and chicken too in my own special sauce at that! :big_grin:


I think the weather is changing all over the world, ice is melting in places for the first time in ages. Earthquakes everywhere, makes me wonder if the end is near? This is the 21st century you know!


The ground Hog didn't see his shadow but look at the weather patterns last year and this year with the tons of snow and the rain and flooding in Australia and many other places to break all kinds of records.


Volcanoes erupting spewing ash where airplanes can't fly shutting down air travel for days. So that alone makes me wonder what kind of spring and summer is ahead for us. Besides that gas prices are breaking record highs already everywhere. There goes travel plans by automobiles and the economy is still bad with no money flowing and many people still with no jobs or incomes.


Homes are still being foreclosed and no telling what the weather will bring for the next few months compared to what we have already seen the past 10 months! For me, I pray to God that we all will survive and He takes care of the world in His own will, it's not our will!


I hope where ever you are living, your weather is OK but I see snow in the northern US as spring approaches. :big_grin:


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Fred, still money around to send rockets into space it seems. And here to hold yet another state election with all the advertising as usual. I think it is only the little guys feeling the pinch.


If you can't afford to travel too far from home at least pack a picnic and head to the nearest park, lookout or scenic spot. There is enough beauty in Nature to lift your heart. And sharing what you have with others can make you feel good too, so give as generously as you can to good causes in your community.


Fred, God has blessed us and we need to pass that blessing on to keep the blessings flowing.



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Fred, I refuse to listen to the weather people saying any negativity. Keep a positive outlook. Spring has sprung in Georgia. The groundhog seeing his shadow or not is just another spoof belief. My family lives in Ohio and my sister took off for Florida running away from the snow. My brother is leaving tomorrow to meet up with my sister.


Fred I thought Texans BBQ all year like we do in Georgia. I guess this year was a unusual hard winter. What used to be may not be any longer.


I'm still waiting for the H.E.A.T. program to send $310.00 that was approved 8 weeks ago to my gas provider.


Yes Fred and Sue we are all blessed.

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I amsorry but I had to smile,when I saw 32 degrees. I am in canada ,sitting in my nice warm house whie it's been snowing all day and -5 ice everywhere. Pretty normal here. Can't wait for our 32 degrees,but it will be a while yet. I am aching to get back into our lake ater and float around for an afternoon.In that place, I foret about the earthquakes,floods and volcanos, just look at the blue sky and listen to the birds

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