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Collective Thoughts and prayer for ALL people



Well this blog tonight is a reminder to myself about living one day and gone the next. I've been trying to sleep, nap, rest or whatever, but with all the earthquake news reporting on the web, TV and radio, I can't sleep!


We, as people on this earth has no doubt seen much devastation around the world and as I recall it's been one thing after another the last few years. The floods in Australia, earthquake in Haiti, New Zealand and other places. It just seems to me God is telling us He is still in charge of the whole world. He created it, us and everything on/in the world and the seventh day he rested from his work!


If we go back for a minute to the floods recorded in biblical times where He had it rain for forty days and forty nights. He had Noah build an Ark and I read where two of every kind got on board by God's directions to Noah!


From that time until now, I will always believe He is in charge of this earth and everything there of. We know not our final day nor does anyone see the ending to the beginning. I say that to say this:


"THE WILL OF GOD WILL NEVER TAKE YOU WHERE THE GRACE OF GOD WILL NOT PROTECT YOU." For that we should celebrate our progress, love our own families and loved ones then show the same love for one another in our day to day joys of living, breathing and just being alive to smell the roses everyday!


For we know not our final day and hour on this earth. We tend to magnify all the negatives instead of searching for all the joys while we celebrate life. The Tongue can be our worst enemy, our words, our dreams, and our thoughts have power to create conditions in our lives. What we speak about, we can bring about. Then and only then we start to worry, wonder and say, "Why me Lord." He answers, "Why not?"


Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Then watch your character, for it becomes your destiny! Just think about that for a moment and you see the power of the tongue! The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settle for in life.


Everyday we should pray for a better tomorrow, loving our family, friends, neighbors and our enemies as only God can make them our footstool! Our peace should be in asking God in prayer our forgiveness, and His will be done, not our will! We gain so much knowledge until we feel we are in charge, but it's always God's will that awakes us every morning, see us through the day and another night ahead.


I pray for the world of people in harms way as you do your work Lord!


We know not our last day or breath we take, He does as we pray for everything he allows us to have and enjoy. It's all about him in our lives. A typical day would begin with him saying to us, Good Morning, this is God! I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help, so have yourself a good day as my will to you!


So, I pray at night to God our father, walk through my house and take away all my worries and illnesses, please watch over and heal my family and others too. In Jesus' mighty name, AMEN!



Now to the wait and see days ahead: I have a grandson, my daughter's only child, there in Okinawa with his Japanese wife of two years. Her family lives a ways off and I pray are OK! The Army is saying no military personnel lives are lost and no bases have been harmed, so that's good news! :big_grin:


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Good-Post.gif i kind of hate it when God reminds us like that , that He is in charge. it is very sobering to know how quickly all can be taken away i pray for all those affected.


thanks fred for a wonderful post. blessings lynnHero.gif

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