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happy 5 years to me



Well, today is my 5th stroke year anniversary. I am sitting infront of a t.v., I can actually hear. 5 years ago, it was only possible with subtitles. tomorrow, I am off to our cottage, the scene of the crime,as it were. That is where the stroke happened. On a supposed- to -be- romantic weekend with my husband, after 2 stressful weeks of me trying to bear the thought that he was poosibly having an affair, we were at our cottage to attend his sister's 50th birthday party and as well,spend some time clearing up the issues that dealt with his relationship with a female collegue at work. I had spent that previous two weeks, crying 24/7.Doctors visits and questions to my husband did nothing to aleviate the pain I was feeling, having discovered blatant evidence of the situation.I had not drank liquor for 20 incredibly healthfilled years, prior to the evening,due in part to my illogical theory,that one drinker in the family was enough. One of us had to have their mind and body intact for the sake of the kids, so I just stopped. Now at 50 years of age, I had decided, I deserved to enjoy, .in moderation, everything that god offered on this earth, so as a toast to my sister- in- law, I had a few glasses of wine. When we got back to the cottge from the party, I started to show signs of stroke. paralysis, falling, headache. the following morning, my husband drove me the 21/2 hours back home to our neighbourhood hospital for the diagnosis. That was 5 years ago. Today, I walk, I talk, I can hear reasonably well. I cannot use my left hand or arm,I was let go of my job, my driving license was taken away, but my husband did stick around and tend to his responsabilities, concerning me. I have been able to reahilitate in comfortable surroundings,and have help with weekly chores. My sister abandonned me, unable to endure watching her once active sibling altered by such disabilities. I have planned a few long morning walks for my cottage visit and some heavy-duty writing time. I am hosting a dinner party with our country neighbours and have purchased a special bottle of red wine, I have been wanting to crique. I will drink lots of icy well water, which I have nicknamed my life champagnewater. I am going to read and get up late and enjoy whatever sunshine that can makes it's way thru the snow- filled clouds. I will do everything slowly and enjoy each moment. And that is the celebration planned for 5 unexpected years of life


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:congrats: on your 5th stroke anniversary. Life is full of twist & turns, enjoy every moment you have given with your loved ones.



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Heather, five extra years of life - congratulations. Now plan for some big events in the next five years, live life to the full.


Hope the anniversary party (and the anniversary weekend) goes well.



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:forgive_me?:Heather, Sounds like you can and will enjoy yourself at the cottage. What a great way to celebrate you reunion. remembertolaug, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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:forgive_me?:Heather, Sounds like you can and will enjoy yourself at the cottage. What a great way to celebrate you reunion. remembertolaug, Jeanniebean :cocktail:I shall. second favourite thing after, water! but can't drink water and laugh at the same time, cause it gets a bit messy!..Thanks for note..Heath

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All the best to you for many, many more years of recovery. If our recovery wasn't so darn slow we could get better in a few years instead of a life time! :happydance:

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