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We enjoyed my daughter's visit



My daughter came for a short visit. She will be changing to a new job and had some time off in between. She is a big supporter and cheerleader for Larry and he is always happy to see her come here. It was very hard on her to see him last year at this time in the rehab facility. She kept saying her allergies were bothering her, but she had a hard time seeing Larry in his early stroke period. I told Larry we will be going out to eat as he is not too keen on this right now. We went out for dinner the first night and the place has a wide variety. I mentioned about 8 different things from the menu - pasta, seafood, hamburger, etc. and he finally settled on the old chicken finger platter. He did have the baked potato soup also, and ice cream again, when we got home. I am still trying to figure out what affects his taste buds, and what he will eat. :uhm: We also went car shopping. Both of our cars are old, and the Honda Accord is about 17 yrs. old and 134,00 miles. We were looking to see if the new Honda's had more head room. I hate car shopping, but Larry use to be quite the negotiator. Several years ago he got a price from the dealer, and when he said the floor mats would be extra, Larry got up and walked out. The guy just sat there stunned. LOL I hope I can do this myself. I don't know if I know when to stop and say "Its a deal". I don't think Larry will know this time around either. He will just be glad to get it over with. I noticed Larry is more talkative with my daughter when she comes. She talks to him like he was just the same as he was before the stroke and also tells him what is going on with her job, etc. His kids come over and I don't think they know or care or are just in too much of a hurry. I'll say "well Larry did well in therapy today" and they will say "Oh, good dad". End of conversation. Oh well. I have learned not to expect too much. Well, I guess I'd better get off before Larry thinks of something else for me to do. Now what will I fix for dinner??? :unsure:




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i am so happy that the three of you had such a good time.i 'm sure his kids really care but just don't know what to say. hopefully the more they come over the easier it will be.julie we know you're a great cheerleader expressing how well larry is doing. it is so important for we survivors to have that constant reinforcementcheer.gif . blessings lynn

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Julie, I've found a way of getting a conversation started between Ray and the kids. I say: "Get your Dad to tell you about (something we've done)" then as Ray has a poor memory now they ask questions until they get him to tell them what he did. He does remember eventually and it extends the conversation time.


Glad you got him to make a decision about the food at the dinner out, it is good if they think about what they are eating.


Good luck on finding the right car, I took my sister around with me, she is a real bargain hunter and we did find a car that was just what I wanted, economical and I can lift the wheelchair straight into the back. You're a woman of good judgement so you'll make the right decision.



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Julie: I was thinking about your daughter's visit and how that compares when Mary Beth comes. They both treat them like nothing happened and you are who your are. That is what I love about Mary's visits and now, too, your daughter.


Also, I am sure Larry realizes how much good it does you, just to have her there and spending time with her and being able to vent without guilt. Really helps.


Bruce was like Larry when it came to car buying. Good story: I had a Dodge Colt. Apparently the carburator sat just under the crease of hood. When it rained, the carburator shorted out and the car stopped. Bruce told me to wait 10 minutes and the heat from the engine would dry the carburator and the car would go again. First night coming home on Interstate 91, car dies, I pull over and State Trooper stops behind me. I explain what Bruce said, car restarts and off I go. Next night, same thing. Same Trooper. (It was a wet Spring-lol). This night Trooper follows me home, walks me up to front door where Bruce figures I am being arrested. Trooper says "You Bruce". Bruce says, "Yes, Officer." Trooper says "Get her a new car. I can't have her on the side of I91 every night it rains." I had a new Toyota two days later and this Salesman told Bruce not to ask for him again!


You go girl! You have been taught by the best. Make him proud!lol

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