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Spring bulbs coming up



I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and could not go back to sleep. I took Larry to his second to last OT therapy session this week around 9:30. I started to feel light headed and Larry says "maybe we should cancel since your not feeling good". I said you can't cancel today because you only have 2 more sessions left. I think my blood pressure was up and the therapist was going to take a reading for me. I said "no, I know it is up and I take meds for it anyway". This lack of sleep caused it I think. After lunch we took a nap and then I noticed the temperature was a little cool. I checked the thermostat and it wouldn't go any higher. I knew something was off because no air was coming in. Larry is yelling "call Weis" (our heating and air company). They came but we had to pay overtime and the blood pressure continues to go up. Anyway, it was the igniter and it cost a pretty penny. :notfair: Oh well, it's only money and Larry and the cats and I will all be warm tonight. I made one of Larry's favorite dinners (meat loaf), did the dishes and took out the trash.

I think I'll go to be early. :Zzzz:



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Julie: I am glad you are feeling a bit better tonight and yes, please try to get to bed early.


My favorite saying post stroke is "Its always something." (old SNL skit). Of course this stuff happened prestroke, but there were two functioning, thinking people dealing with the problems.


Colder tomorrow, so maybe you can just hunker down now that the furnace is fixed and have a relatively quiet day. Take care, Debbie

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I am glad that you are feeling better.

WE had the same problem with the heater...But that was at the start of the winter...I came home one day and it was cold.

William is saying that we need to call Ron our furnace guy. I say that 10P is too late to call. But, I cannot stop him... He calls Roy and tells him what is wrong. Roy comes over the next morning early and gets us warm again.


Things happen. But, we take care of them.



Watch out for you blood pressure. You do not want a stroke.

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