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Month is moving along!



March came in like a lamb down in Georgia U.S.A..


March is one of my favorite months. My birthday


is in March, the first day of Spring, BTW us today


March 20th, Mardi Gra , warm weather has returned,


gardening begins.





I've been a busy person since my last post. I went for my first appointment about my knees, the doctor took a history, and I got x rays of my knees and back. Received stimulation therapy on my knees also. Next week I'll start coming twice a week one for shots series, the other for therapy. Oh ya, when I was waiting to be seen they had me sit in a massage chair and gave my feet a detox bath. Everyone is so pleasant and have a happy attitude .





Carl brought me this time and ended up walking out with an appointment for next time. Carl's hip goes out of socket, we had just the other day gone to his chiropractor for an adjustment. He's still in pain. We are both believes of back adjustment. My knee doctor also does adjustments but in a different way. I'll find out when I get one and tell you all about it. I have not had an adjustment on my back since 2005 and walking with a cane since then I'm out of alinement.





Now, starting on my flower garden. I have the front garden plot and I have a side garden plot for flowers.


For veggies we built a garden box about the size of a king size bed. LOL the reason I'm laughing is I used Carl's old water bed frame. I think that's good recycling. After all it's been hanging around for over 20 years. Lol


Our county gives free mulch away, we filled up a few bags


brought it home and dumped it in the veggie garden. That was last month we did and Carl spread veggie fertilizer over it and has turned it over and let it sit until we plant.





Now back to flowers, BTW Carl's in pain so he is not digging or bending, he is DIRECTING. That's OK to me for as long as he is involved in the processes. I won't be able to tell you the names of all the bulbs I planted but, theirs a bunch, you'll have to wait until they bloom and I'll post pictures. In the front flower garden I planted bulbs first then, I planted flower seeds, wild flowers, Mexican sunflowers, regular sunflowers to name a few.





Side flower garden , from the gate inward 18 inches towards the house, I planted Yellow Cannons. I did that a couple of days ago.




From their up to the house I turned over the soil. That was enough work for me, I'll plant tomorrow. It was another beautiful sunny day. That's as far as I got, I got my exercise for the day. At least one kind now I'll go the the Y and do my swimming laps. Thirty-six laps equal a mile.





My birds are keeping me busy filling the feeders, I only use black oiled sunflowers. The other kind with every kind of seed in it attracts squirrels, doves, and any thing else I don's want to attract. The woodpeckers are feasting on the suet, so many of them young, old, and different types. Time to buy a new suet. I'm working on I ding the birds.:hot:I told I've been busy.




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Wow you have been busy in your garden. I guess when you enjoy you don't feel like work. I enjoy watching garden & not gardening lol.



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You going to be one tired lady all that gardening you speak about doing!


I answered the question on bowling and put a reply on my blog and message board.

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