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Busy week! Fourth week of March 2011.



I have to start at the end of the week. When I was ready to post an update I received an Fox Fire update. So I downloaded and installed the update, by the time it was done I was finished for the night. I was too tired, my eyes could not keep open even with toothpicks holding them open.


I started today planning to post a updated blog. That blew the coop. My browser Fox Fire would not open. I worked on that for most of the day. Took a break and went to the Farmers Market, picked up cabbage and red potatoes. This was a fun trip cuz before we left I scrounge for every coin in the house.


Being five weeks in March, we are out of money till next month. It's a long month. I came up with $10.00 in change. I threw it in a old Free-to-Lay container. Entered the Market and they stopped me and said “you can't go


in with that container, I answered but it's my money in change for my groceries”. She replied”Can't you put it in your pocket, or don't you have a purse or wallet”. I use a small credit card size change purse, to hard to carry a purse and walk with a cane. The lady finally put a certain kind of tape across the container and let me do my shopping. The market was congested, I took a basket instead of a shopping cart for I was only getting three things. Making my way to the veggie area I was pushed, shoved, literally run over. I got to the red potatoes, $1.28/lb. I picked around 2 dozen, got to a scale and it weighed a little over 2 lbs. One down one left to get. I made my way to the cabbage table. I just wanted plain ordinary green cabbage. I looked for marked prepackaged reduced cabbage, but their was none. So, the next best and cheapest was the $.38/lb. I picked out two smallish ones, bagged and weighted them. Each cabbage weighted 2lbs, give or take a little. Now I have my items I have to figure if I have enough money before I get to the register. I find a uncrowded place in order for me to count out my change. $10 dollars, on my way to the registers. There is nothing so embarrassing not having enough money. I move to the 15 items or less register. It's a short line. When I got to the front of the line the cashier rung me up. $4.72 Yea!!! I apologized to the cashier for all change. But, change is money just like paper money. You may be asking ourselves why buy cabbage and potatoes. Carl had bought-en chicken on


Wednesday and plan to make it Thursday and forgot it was St. Patrick's Day, and we were going to have Corn-beef, cabbage and potatoes for dinner. But the chicken needed to be cooked. So, Sunday we are having our St. Patrick's Day dinner.





Now to the beginning of the week. Monday Carl had 2 doctors appointments, Speech at 11am, Primary care at 1pm, I had Cardiology at 9am. After my appointment we went to speech after that we had lunch in the hospital cafeteria. It's not worth leaving the hospital/Clinic, pay for parking drive either home for lunch or some fast food place. Lunch was good, I had salad and soup, Carl had chicken wrap. Both had water. Got to get my quota of water in for the day. Done with doctors by 3pm. Carl's hip is bothering him and we take off for the chiropractor, Carl's hip is out and needs an adjustment.





Tuesday, Carl was still not feeling good. I left him sleeping and I took myself to the pain doc. I got my foot detox and stimulation on both knees. Fred our friend showed up to cut the grass(weeds) front and back yard. The yard is looking pretty good.


Wednesday morning 5am I awoke and took off to the YMCA. I did my 36 laps of swimming. Which BTW = 1 mile. When I returned back home Carl was hungry, made him a sandwich and I went for a nap. After a couple of hours


I woke and decided to make pasta dough for pasta and pesto for dinner.


While the pasta dough is resting we decided to go to the YMCA. Carl did exercises to loosen up his hip joint.





Thursday, I have an appointment at the pain clinic with the doctor for my first shot and therapy. I left Carl in bed for he did not sleep well. Carl had a 5pm docs appointment to take care of his hip. I arrive home in time to take off for Emery's Stroke Club meeting 11am. Great meeting, guest speaker was a nurse who had been stroked. And,she had returned back to work nursing.


She opened the floor and we shared our individual experiences. We also attended the Aphasia group at 1pm. I decided in the afternoon to feed all the plants that I just had planted. 5Pm rolled around and we were back at the pain docs. I did not go in with Carl. Carl came out from the docs office and he felt wonderful. Carl was given a shot in the hip joint. Were both too tired to go to the YMCA.





Friday, was a stay at home day. After all the running around this week. I did the laundry and Carl was playing cards on the computer.


Saturday, has been a cool day for we had thunderstorms most of the day.


Well I finally got this written and just in time for I'm ready for bed now.




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wow you had busy & fruitful week. I am amazed that you make pasta at home, I thought everyone buys those readymade pasta in box, didn't know some people still make their own & go through so much trouble, I m impressed.



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Jeannie, you and Carl are doing well as a team. :forgive_me?: You have put so much into your recovery and now that is showing results in the way you look after Carl. You deserve a lot of praise and here it is :You-Rock: from me.


I hope you feel satisfied that you are doing all you can for the moment. Just don't get too tired yourself.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Thank you Asha and Sue. Asha their is nothing like homemade pasta out of your own kitchen. Sue I take my rest breaks, after all I'm a survivor first and caregiver second. Having experienced both sides of stroke I take rest breaks automatically.

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wow you stay busy. I hate going to the grocery store when its busy. I never went when I had the cane. My dad would let me ride with him to the store but I would just sit in the car and wait. You eat so healthy. You make vegetables sound good! :laughbounce:

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