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Hi every body


It is nice to see spring. I have been to see my new doc. several times and the med. changes are still going forward. I am able to use my left side but it is not what it was before the strokes. Has any one ever been told or do you now about CPSP [CORE POST STROKE PAIN ]?? Well it seems I can add that to my life style. I have always had a heaviness in my arm from the shoulder down. the leg goes from heavy to numb. About this time last year I had some like electric shocks in the lower leg and foot. We thought it was the brain doing some reconnecting. But I have started to have cramps and burning in my upper leg now that at times want me to just cut it off. the back of my shoulder is an ache all the time. That heaviness seems to stay all the time and the pain increase when ever it wants. Not to sure what to make of this ? The doc. were told but it has gotten worse over time. I will see one of them next week and ask what to do, meds stretching yoga anything. I just wanted to know if this just ME our have any of you had this happen? what have you all done if any thing that works? So far ben gay or moist heat seem to help a little. Thanks for your ear any help would be great. O yea I found cpsp on line it is every thing that I have been going through so I am pretty sure that is what it is.


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Ken, I had it at the beginning. My doctor said most stroke victims end up with it.My doctor referred me to a Orthopedic clinic. That doctor ordered me to get x-rayed of my shoulders. Orthopedic doctor read the xrays and said my shoulder socket was out, inflamed. He gave me cortisone shots. Right then and I only had to go back one more time for shots and the pain was gone. :Clap-Hands:

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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Indeed I do know and I believe it is Central pain some have called it Neuropathy its awful I Chris DeWald wrote an article regarding it I have tried everything and I believe Steve Mallory has suffered from it as well You are in my best thoughts and prayers this is the most heinous thing it truly is there is little relief that is certain I am going to pursue a surgical option once I am at a point in my life that this could be a viable option Karen

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PS I believe it is also called Thalamic pain That is because in nearly all that have it the Thalamus was affected, Karen

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No, I have not Ken, I been to a pain mgmt clinic run by pain treatment doctors and that worked pretty good and a long while. You eventually get back on the medication however! It's a give and take situation.


I think like mind over matter. If it don't hurt it don't matter, I just don't know how it works on the body or mind but it really does! What ever it is, mine is slowly returning and I figure mostly because of my knees and shoulder, so my mind is stayed on pain today!

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Ken: Every stroke and every recovery is different. I had core pain for a year or so after I stroked. Now I have what I call neuropathy in both legs below the knees. Sometimes it is more bothersome than other times. I've tried everything and the only thing that works when it gets bad is, like Fred, pain meds. I don't take many or even every day anymore so at least my head is clearer. I have come to the conclusion that I just have to live with it and for that I am not happy (almost 5 yrs post stroke).

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