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Hi Every Body


What is he talking about ?? different and the same ?? Well I think we are we have all had big changes in our lives . Some of us are younger then others some of us have caregivers some do not some have people who understand US some of us do not . We all have different limitations but we all are limited in some way. My Karen is about ready to break out and run screaming. She has every right too . Why because I just start screaming or crying so why not her. We are all in this together. some times we the survivors need time alone as do our care givers. This week has been hard as I have needed more care then usual. It seems last Monday we were getting ready to see the CPA and find out how much the Government was going to sc---- us so Karen is upstairs ready to shower when I finish down stairs in my bathroom, got the picture, OK so I am going up the satires she is getting in the shower and two steps from the top I fall. head first on my left side [ my weak one] all the way down . Since my clothes were upstairs I was in what the good lord gave me sixty years ago. After a second loud scream who should appear at the top of the stairs in what the good lord gave her yep Karen down she comes to see if any thing is broken and sure enough. looks like my hip and ankle maybe. So what do two adult grow up people do we start laughing as hard as we can at this weird sight. So it is a few steps back and a lot of upsetting things between us but we will get through this as we have gotten through every thing that has happened before. We try not to look to long at the bad things and laugh a lot at the others.


I think what I am trying to say is yes we have different problems and they hit us in different ways but if we can just laugh at those funny times the sad times wont be so bad. Just a thought. O yea after getting to the hospital and having been pocked an man handled the xrays showed no breaks just bad sprains and some real pretty bruising from the blood thinners. See you all later








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wow ken, that was some fall, i'm happy nothing was broken. i too have had a few falls lately, i don't like them one bit but hey they do happen, and like you said the best thing to do is laugh at those times, i bet that was some sight to behold, LOL and not get all worked up over it. we definitely are all in the same boat here, some worst than others. take care of yourself and be more careful, next time we may not be so lucky. one thing thats for sure, the bruising is quite colorful, don't you agree, it looks like we were the beginning of a painting, not started yet, LOL. thanks for the pictures formed in our minds.

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Ken that was a Humpty Dumpty's fall off the wall. Good thing you didn't break anything. Bruises will heal, I should now I'm bruised all over from falls. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean:cocktail:

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hey Ken:


I am glad nothing is broken & just bruises which will heal. I am glad you are able to laught on it. Its much better than crying.



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Ken, hope you're over being purple, yellow and blue as soon as possible. Yep, two people at the bottom of the stairs in their birthday suits does conjure up a picture.


Glad there were no bones broken and you be real careful from now on and stop scaring your caregiver - right?



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