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not enough time






ITS ME AGAIN Some time has gone by since I have bloged so let me start by saying my wife has started a little riot here in Caswell co. N.C. We have a new animal cruelty law about starving an animal ,making it a felony vs misdemeanor. As you can guess both my wife and I are great animal lovers. Before my strokes we were animal cruelty investigator for the county. We also served and still do on our animal protection society. Though she goes to more of the meetings then I do know as I have a tendency to explode or cry or laugh you know all that fun stuff some of us deal with every day.



It seems that we had a bad boy [33 yrs. old] who did not want to feed his three dogs that were chained together with only one dog house. Soooo He will be the first around here to go to court on three felony charges. The thing is this county is so rural and so inbreed that there has been a total news black out on the case. The sheriff's office has no comment, the DA's office has no comment, Animal control and county manger have no comment.


This has started me to thinking of what I can do also. If my wife can write a letter to the local paper about this and receive over 50 comments that is something. Know she has shown me how she told some friends of heir's on face book and this thing has gone international. There are four or five animal groups watching and some starting petitions. It is a wonder to me. Perhaps I can be of help and be heard from this computer. May be my new life is down this road?



You may remember that I worked in the medical field for forty years before my first stroke and worked for another year till the third one took me down. That was almost eighteen months ago and then the fourth one and heart surgery . It just put me down, not wanting to be the burden, not want to see my wife have to watch over me. Not even wanting to get out of bed some days. But all this new electronic stuff is starting to open up a new road for me. I can go out alone with my GPS. So I can find home , with my cell phone to call for help if needed. Know maybe my computer can help me help some of the animals I love so much.



I guess what I would like to say to myself and any one who reads this is. Part of me was lost with those strokes but you can not sit around feeling sorry there are other roads to follow and you have to at least try so that is what I am going to do. So look out world here I come. But I will always remember something I heard in the NAVY many years ago ' THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS YESTERDAY' love to all Ken


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your blog reminds me of line, "when one door closes god opens the window", but we are too busy feeling sorry for ourselves by looking at the closed door & not look at the other window of opportunity.you can still do lot of good in this world just by sitting behind computer.



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It is so true you cannot sit around feeling sorry for yourself, there is far too much more life to live. You have found that with your GPS and cell phone you are close to help, with your computer you can contact other like-minded people. To take that a step further maybe one day you can also volunteer here as a chat host and help others that way.



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